30 January 2008

Two P's

Being Progress and Procrastination, naturally.

Progress first.

After a month in which, my spreadsheet informs me, I've averaged a mere 200 words per day, I managed to write over 1200 yesterday. Rah! Net result being, I have less than a chapter and a half to go.

This morning I was early for work, and managed another 285-ish... though still haven't finished either of the two remaining chapters. *sigh*

Hence, the other P... Procrastination.

See, it's HOT this week. And I am TIRED. Neither of these alone are conducive to much writing... Both of them together are plain awful.

So right now, I think I'm going to go have a powernap. Then I'll come back and see if I can hold myself at knife point and get some writing done. :)

I WILL be done with this by the month's end. I WILL.


Ashtah said...

How long are powernaps? 20 minutes? You should be hard back at work by now?

Inkblot said...

Geez, no rest for the wicked!

In actual fact it lasted about 4 minutes, till hub started singing and then came in to visit, and I decided I ought to eat some food...


Am currently having a brain break reading xkcd.

Will get to TBAEO soon... promise...

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