11 February 2009

Link-a-bet Soup, Slackerly Edition Plus A Tribute

Yes, that's right: slackerly. I'm moving in exactly a week, and my brain is a little awol. Hence, see me be slackerly O:)

Though in unslackerly news, I'm finally back at the novel! Yay! After a somewhat enforced break from fiction writing for two months, I am finally, finally writing again. I finished an entire chapter yesterday, even :)

Now, on to the links:

To this, I declare most emphatically: YES!! We must have change in our characters!

It's not who you know, it's what you write. And once your brilliant writing has snagged you an agent, here are 10 Ways To Be A Dream Client.... But in order to get there, you'll need to know how to defeat your inner critic. Don't forget to read part two.

And this is what I have against Disney, romcoms, and the romance genre in general. And yes, I love romcoms. O:)

And in absolutely, totally random news, raisins are a snack, not a toy.... I laugh. I laugh muchly.

Finally, a sober note. Hopefully most of you will be aware of the horrendous fires currently blazing in the southeastern corner of Australia. The death toll is 173 and rising. Volunteer firefighters are doing an amazing job, putting their lives on the line to stop these blazes that were set by arsons - but the terror that people are living through still brings tears to my eyes. Listen all the way to the end and see if it doesn't affect you too :P


Angela said...

That raisin thing was hillarious. I hope dad freaks him out good next year by moving onto prunes...

Inkblot said...

So yes! Hehe. I am SO tempted to do this to my children when I have them %-) Bwa ha, I shall be such an evil mother!


Lady Glamis said...

I listened to the clip you shared about the fires. That is sooo sad. :(

I am glad you are safe!

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