21 May 2008

Revenge of the Common Folk

You may have noticed that I've tidied up the sidebar somewhat. I'm very happy about this :)

I've also increased (significantly) the number of blogs I've linked to. At this point, I haven't had a chance to read many of these blogs, so I can't vouch for their content. But I plan to go through them all as soon and as quickly as I can, and I think from the little reading I have done so far, I'll have lots of interesting food for thought.

In an interesting twist, someone somewhere said relatively recently (how's that for specific) that with the internet, this age has become the revenge of the common folk. Throughout history we see the stories of those in power told to the exclusion of those you aren't. But now, we have our revenge %-)

So expect more articles from me in the coming months as I wade through my links and respond :)


Vivien V. said...

I think it's also the Age of the Writer with the advent of the Internet. There's so much information out there right now - how to write, how to get an agent, how to publish - which is an immense task for a writer to absorb, but great that it's out there.

Inkblot said...

Good point.

Though personally, I'm all for the 'too much information to ever possibly absorb' than 'so little information it's like submitting things into a black hole'.

Here in the land of Aus agents are shy, retiring creatures that apparently only come out after a phone call - nothing like the blogging, websiting, publicly-profiled variety you have in the US or UK.

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