31 August 2008

August - It's Over!

And hoorah, I must say. Along with May, August and September are officially the worst months of this year :|

This month something particularly irritating has been occuring - my Office trial, which came with my computer and theoretically ought to last me for 60 days, has expired not once but TWICE in the last threes weeks since I bought my laptop. Not fun.

Anyway, on to the positives :)

This month I have:

* Written 7569 words. This is the second least amount of words I've written in a month so far this year, so it's a bit dismal... But on the other hand, given my word count as of the 17th was ~1100, I've pulled it together in a not too bad way. I really wanted to get to 9,500 at least, becauase that would mean I've done 100,000 for the year, but *sigh* thus is the Uni life.
* All the above words were on TP, which means I've added 4 chapters to it. That's one short of my goal, but chapter 22 is half written and I can probably finish it before bed tonight :o) I'm looking forward to having ch22 done, because it means I'll have passed the Halfway Mark in the novel! Much excitement :)
* Made 1 submission. Haven't written anything else to submit :S

That's about it. If you wanted the list of everything I've done for uni, the list would be quite a bit longer... Hehe.

Even though it's not as much as I usually acheive, I'm still happy with it. It's been a real struggle to get any writing done this month, and I'm sniffing halfway in TP, so all is well :)

Thanks to all of you who have read my blog this month, especially the newcomers. Thanks most particularly to those of you who leave comments - it's nice to know real people are reading :o)

Here's to a better month ahead!


Ashtah said...

August over - not sure whether to cheer or cry. So much to do! And I did 0 words of non-uni writing. No, I lie, maybe 50 words. But still!

Congrats on half way TP! *looks forward to catching up on the new chapters*

Inkblot said...

Thanks for congratulatoriness :)

And never mind about not writing. You've had lots of other stuff to deal with. There's always next month :)

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