08 August 2008

Welcome To My Sidebar: Write or Right

"An aspiring writer describes the ins and outs of writing, querying, and (we hope!) publishing."

Who: My 'twin', one half of the Twins of Darkness and Good, an aspiring writer who goes by the name of Liana Brooks. Liana writes mostly science fiction, with the odd fantasy piece thrown in. Her work is unashamedly cross genre - expect to find vampires, werewolves, shifters and various forms of 'pathics in her ViS universe, just for a start :)

What: Write or Right is Liana's personal writing blog. She gives updates on her writing progress, makes lots of announcements about competitions and writing opportunities, and offers her own thoughts and comments on the process of writing and most particularly plot formation and idea generation.

Where: Here or here: http://lianabrooks.blogspot.com/

Why: I love this blog not only because it belongs to my twin in the writing world, but because Liana has an awesome sense of humour and an amazing ability to generate unique and awesome ideas. Her posts always make me either laugh or think - often both - and it's a fantastic source of inspiration for science fiction and fantasy ideas. Go, check it out!!

When: Irregularly, but about 4 times per week. Regular posts on Fridays - the Friday Random, which are very enjoyable :o)


Just_Me said...

*squeals in joy*

Hey! Recognition! And you like my sense of humor- no wonder we're twins! And it's Friday too.... I best get something random up!

Angela said...

Hey I know you both, so waddaya know!

(Sorry I haven't been by lately--I did something stupid and bookmarked your blog on TP Update (Gods, that still cracks me up!) rather than the main URL so when I'd come check for new posts, all I saw was the old post and I thought you hadn't updated!)

*slinks off to be alone with stupidness*

Inkblot said...

*waves to twin* Yay, randoms! Must go look :)

Hehe, Ang you spack! :D Nice to have you back with us - and I giggle at the TP update thing now everytime I read it because I think of you :D

Don't slink off - I have anti-stupidity cookies right here in my bag...

Angela said...

*munch crunch*

Anonymous said...

Just make sure you clean up the crumbs when you're done :D

~Inky, posting as Anonymous because she Can't Be Bothered To Change Which Address She's Signed In As O:)

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