03 September 2008

Welcome to my Sidebar: Miss Snark

Where Miss Snark vented her wrath on the hapless world of writers and crushed them to sand beneath her T.Rexual heels of stiletto snark. The blog is dark--no further updates after 5/20/2007.

Who: Miss Snark is/was a snarky anonymous agent who loved both George Clooney and poodles. Her sense of wit is second to none.

What: As an agent, Miss Snark was uniquely placed to offer 'insider' tidbits to hapless writers - and she did. I have an impression that she was one of the very first agents to begin blogging; she was certainly the first to call for submissions to her 'Crap-o-meter', where she offered critiques of people's query letters :) This site is incredible. Her sense of - er, humour - will have you snorting outloud, while the information her site houses is a must-read, must-know for anyone wishing to enter into the scary world of publishing.

Where: Here, or here: http://misssnark.blogspot.com/

Why: Because this blog is a veritable goldmine of information concerning the publishing industry. If there's something you're not sure about, I can almost guarantee that Miss Snark has answered a similar query at some time or another.

When: As mentioned in the tag line, this blog is now 'dark', meaning there will be no more posts. However, I still highly recommend it since it is an unparalleled source of information :)


TerriRainer said...

The rumors are that Miss Snark has another blog, a blog that she actually has her REAL name on...well, she has two actually.

She still crits query letters (and is still Snarky!).

:) Terri

Inkblot said...

Hi Terri, thanks for stopping by! :)

*is intrigued* Care to share links to said blogs? Or is that against the rules? :D

Just_Me said...

Look up Janet Reid and Query Shark.

Both are on my blogs side-bar. I stumbled over her "secret identity" reading one day and went, "Holy guacamole! Sounds like my beloved Miss Snark! Could it be? Is it she? It is!"

She's lovely, slightly less snarky (because it's really her) and just adorable. She collects stuffed animals, did you know that? She has pictures up on her blog. :o)

Inkblot said...

*hearts stuffed animals* Never ever played with dolls, but I ADORE stuffed animals B-)

Thanks for the linkies!

~Inky, off to check them out! :)

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