17 September 2008

Welcome to my Sidebar: Waiting for Antlers

Who: Sparky, aka Spartezda, who is also a contributor on the Toasted Scimitar blog. Sparky is a writer and a student of science, especially biology, though not for much longer.

What: This is Sparky's personal blog, but as she happens to be a writer, it's naturally got a strong writing focus :)

Where: Here, or here: http://spartezda.livejournal.com/

Why: Sparky calls herself the Feral Biologist. For anyone who happens to have an interest in both writing and biology, this is the perfect blog :) Her quirkiness come through in all her posts (I adore her talent for creating awesome labels for posts), and they're usually informative to boot. At the moment, she's going through and typing up her notes from Fantasy Worldcon, which are both interesting and useful :)

When: Randomly, but at least once a week.


Angela said...

Hmm..she doesn't look like a feral biologist with her new haircut!

Inkblot said...

Looks good though, doesn't it? :)

Hehe, nice profile picture.

Just_Me said...


Look what I have --->

Inkblot said...


Hehe, nice one, L, very nice.


For those to whom this conversation makes no sense, the picture in L's profile is one I drew for her of her MC :o)

Spartezda said...

Why, thank you for the review, Inkster! And quite coincidentally, I have just updated with a new booklog post. O:)

Inkblot said...

No problemo! And yay for new posts! :)

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