15 October 2008

Competition for You!

So, it's October :) This is my final month of uni for the year, and unlike dear September, I haven't had time to stockpile a few posts, so I may get a little behind. Sorry in advance.

But! In honour of the fact that it's my last month of my masters course, I've decided to have a competition.

This month, anyone who buys anything from Holly Lisle's shop through my link over there on the sidebar will be entered into a draw to win a free copy of How To Write Page-Turning Scenes! Yay!

To enter, just email me a copy of your receipt and I'll enter you into the draw. One entry per receipt, but you can enter multiple times with different receipts. I'll draw and announce the prize at some point on November 2.

I'll also post a review of How To Write Page-Turning Scenes next week for you, so you know what you're entering for! :)

Have fun, and good luck :)


House 6 said...


*plans a raid on your bookcase*

Inkblot said...

Well, colour me confused, but why does this competition both make me a punk, and make you wish to raid my bookcase??


Angela said...

Oh wow--I didn't even know about this how to book! *squeals*

Congrats on almost finishing your masters!

Inkblot said...

It's a very cool book!

And thanks for the congrats. Currently, I feel more like commiserations, though *stabs assessment* 6 chemistry assignments in 2 weeks is just plain unfair \:|


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