01 November 2008

October Review and NaNo, Inky-Style

So, October first. October is a month I am terribly grateful to be done with, so I shan't dwell on it. Here are the quick stats:

*6396 words total
*Of which, 4310 on the TP rewrite and the rest on TP's first draft and on the second Shards book
*1 crit
*LOTS of uni work
*Despite this, mostly-regular posting on here :)

I'm happy, it's done, moving on B-)


Traditionally, the rules of Nano state that you're to start a brand-new story, make it to 50k, and do no editing.

I'm not traditional, and I'm also not finished uni. So, this is my version of Nano.

My primary goal for the month is word count, pure and simple. I'd also really like to get a complete draft of an Edge&Gem story, because I'm still pretty determined to have 3 finished manuscripts by the end of the year if I possibly-at-all can. But there are a few things that just have to be done, so this is my goal list for the month:

*2 x 1k chemistry essays
*3500-word anthropology essay
*5k archaeology short
*Edge&Gem story - I'm still wavering on which one, but it'll be 25-30k total
*33 mistakes about dogs - I'm hoping for most of a first draft on this one. Complete draft should be ~12k
*At least outline Jesscapades. I'd like to start writing it, but we'll see
*And probably, because I can't help myself, continue the rewrite of TP

That's 10.5k of assessment plus about 35k of writing, which is 45.5k total, plus miscellaneousness. I should get the 50k. Fingers crossed :)

So, who else is up for insanity this month?


marieconley3 said...

I can't wait to jump in on writing my nano! Super psyched.

Lady Glamis said...

*raises hand*

I'm up for INSANITY.

It's already 9:10 a.m. and I don't even have an outline yet...

I'm in big trouble.

My goal is to just start, at least... and see where things go from there!

Inkblot said...

Well, I got 3400 words yesterday, which is Very Good, because week is the last final push of assessmenty horrors. Ack.

Hope you two (and others that read and are nanoing! I know you're out there...) are going well with it! :D

Chelle said...

Congrats on the word count.

I'm not doing a traditional NaNo either. (Power to the rebels! We rock!)

Inkblot said...

Yeah, go us! :D

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