05 December 2008

Link-a-bet Soup

*sigh* I was supposed to post on The Sentence today, however my brain has gone awol, my back is broken, and 'tis subsequently impossible to think. I'm very sorry. The Sentence post will come next week, I promise :)

Besides, it's traditional to post something slackerly on a Friday O:)

EDITED TO ADD: I totally did not realise that in order to access the Inkfever Download Area, you were required to have a pbwiki account. This was a mistake on my behalf, which has now been rectified: anyone is now able to view this site, with or without a pbwiki account.

Re the title of this post: Yes, no more Link Salads. I completely thieved the concept from a well-known agent, and it's high time I got original and came up with my own name ;):D

A whole bunch of random, interesting sites this week. First off, have you ever stressed about where your gold comes from? If you're like most people, probably not - people are generally more worried about where it goes O:) But, for the eco-friendly among us, I present GreenKarat.

And on the topic of the environment, you simply must watch this. It's half an hour well invested ;)

Which leads into this article - when science fiction morphed into politics.

Speaking of politics, censorship is something that's been discussed a bit lately. Neil Gaiman has his say.

But really, in the midst of an economic crisis, can we talk about writing anything as a career? Perhaps we're all condemned to be starving writers...

Though at least, if we write, we have a voice - and if you need help with that, this is a great article on what voice is. And if we have voice, it's because we have something to say - that's why we're writers, after all, right? So, who are we writing for?

Of course, the whole crisis thing could just make you want to go out and scream, or do stupid things like (gross warning) tattoo your eyeballs....

Or you could just get eaten by a velociraptor. That works too.

I could survive for 54 seconds chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor

Created by Bunk Beds.net

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Lady Glamis said...

So disappointed about the no sentence, but I can be patient and wait. :)

Thanks for all the links!

I last 41 seconds.

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