18 December 2008

The Origins of InkfeverPLUS

So, because even after I promised I'd get back on track with posting yesterday I still missed yesterday's post, today you get a double episode :o) There's this post, and a book review below :)

By now, a lot of you know that I have a sister-site to this one: InkfeverPLUS, a website devoted to my novels where you can find character profiles and pictures, novel blurbs, maps, photos, drawings, and a whole assortment of novel-related Stuff which I am slowly in the process of adding to the site.

Thanks hugely to all those of you who have already joined up. For those of you that want to, but haven't, leave a comment with your email address, or email me and I'll send you an invite. Yes, I'm keeping it invite-only for now to ensure that I'm on the 'better safe than sorry' side of the copyright fence ;)

However, what a lot of you won't know - and apparently, what some of you would like to know - is where I got the idea for the site :)

In a way, this connects with How I Really Got Serious About Writing. In February of 2007, I can't recall how, but I found both Holly Lisle's website, and Critique Circle. Both of these sites have quite literally changed my world: Holly for the fantastic articles, clinics, and courses that you can find on her site, and Critique Circle both for the skills I have learned from critiquing, and the life-long friends I have made *waves to them all* :)

In terms of the InkfeverPLUS site, though, it was Holly Lisle's site that was most influential. She has so much information on there especially for writers, and she talks a lot about the concept of 'paying forward': you'll never be able to adequately thank those who help you on your way in your writing career - and sometimes you won't be able to thank them at all - but you can make a difference and show your gratitude by passing it on, by helping others who come after you.

This is a principle that really resonated with me, and it's something I definitely plan to do. Whether or not I'm successful - whether what I have to share is actually helpful or not :D - is another matter O:)

So. That's part one of why I designed the InkfeverPLUS site: at the moment it only houses novel-related things, geared more towards readers than writers, but one day, everything will merge into a lovely big connected website for readers and writers alike :) Hoorah!

Part two relates to the design of the site, for the inspiration for which I must thank the lovely Michelle, better known to me as Glam :) If you click her name, it will take you to her blog - and halfway down the sidebar you'll see a link to her other blog, one for her novel Breakaway. Now, this blog is actually in the process of coming down, so don't go flooding her with requests to join it :D but it's where I got the inspiration for the site design from. Glam set up the blog with the novel chapters all listed in the sidebar, a stable front page post, links to extras for the novel, and all sorts of goodies.

I fell in love.

Between the two of us, we nutted out some tricky features of site design (if you're interested in knowing how to do it, I've actually typed it all up in a word document with screen shots and everything O:) *is clearly not a perfectionist*) and voila! I now have a shiny, lovely InkfeverPLUS.

There's not as much on there as there could be quite yet - none of the maps have made it up, for example - but I plan to devote a good chunk of time in January and February to adding things and bringing it all as uptodate as I can. If you'd like an invite, just let me know ;)

So that, dear lovelies, is how I came to develop the InkfeverPLUS site. I hope that sates your curiousity :)


Lady Glamis said...

ACK! No.... I'm not taking down The Breakaway blog. I'm just taking the chapters off for the moment. :)

So if you'd still like an invite, let me know. The site still talks about the book. I'll be putting up some good excerpts as well.

And I'm thinking about holding a contest.... but we'll see.

Thanks for the post, Inky. It's great to see where all those wonderful things about you have stemmed from. And your Plus site looks fantastic. Great job!

Chelle said...

Very cool post, Inky. Could you send me that step by step guide?

Inkblot said...

Contests sound fun, Glam-girl!

Chelle, I can indeed. Will send it as soon as I'm done here! :)

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