12 January 2009

InkfeverPLUS and Goals

First up, I'm playing with the back end of the site a lot in prep for a big change. Because of this, I've changed the url of the InkfeverPLUS site to http://inkfeverplus.blogspot.com - and because of this, all of the links on the InkfeverPLUS site are now broken.

I'm sorry about this in that it's a huge inconvenience to you all, but I'm not sorry in that it provides me the excuse I needed to do the site redesign I've been thinking about. So, from now until maybe the end of February, the InkfeverPLUS site will be down. I'll post again when it's back up again. Thanks for bearing with me :)

Now, on to goals...

Hmm. I haven't really had a chance to give this a lot of thought prior to right now. So I'm kinda making this up as I go along. I think, though, that I'm going to make them very simple; the year is going to be insane enough what with a new job, a new uni, a new course.... etc.


1) Finish Jesscapades. Edit. Polish.
2) Query Jesscapades to at least 5 agents. (Yes, I hope to do a ton more. But like I said - aiming simple: I already know 5 agents I wish to query.)
3) Roll out the new 'website' and get InkfeverPLUS up and running properly. This is not complex - just time consuming.
4) Blog regularly.
5) Start and finish Jesscapades' sequel.
6) READ. 50 books in the year would be good; I think I did about 35 last year. I'll settle for 40, though, if the year gets crazy on me O:)
7) Oh yeah, big one - finish 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Dogs, and get it out there for sale! :)

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is it, I think. It doesn't look like a lot - but on the other hand, blogging regularly is pretty big for me, and the list does include finishing two novels, which is one more than I finished last year :D

I'd also like to increase my total word count again, and hit 200,000 words. If I finish both novels that will give me ~140,000 right there, so it should be doable...

Wish me luck! :D

--> What's your top goal for the year?


Chelle said...

Good Luck!!!!

Beth said...

Those sound like good goals, Inky. Good luck with them :D

Yunaleska said...

I'm going insane. I know I posted a comment here...and it hasn't appeared!

Short version - 2009 = finish, edit, sub Termion.

Ideally do same for a few more.

Read. Game. Enjoy life. The end.

Lady Glamis said...

Awesome goals, Inky! You are aiming right where you can hit, I think. You can do it, for sure.

And it wasn't a huge inconvenience to change the links. :) Promise!

I look forward to the "more blogging" goal you have!

Inkblot said...

Yuna dear, you're not going insane, you just posted said comment on my post below, not on this post :D Good goals, regardless.

Thanks Chelle, Bethy and Glam for your encouragment :)

Glam - don't get /too/ excited about the blogging - I just mean that I really want to actually /keep up/ with the 3 days a week thing :D

Merc said...

Sounds like excellent goals, Inky One! *greatly anticipates Jesscapades and sequel*

Top goal novel-wise this year is get one of my *&^% novels actually edited and query ready. :P

marieconley3 said...

Good goals!

Miss you. Love you!

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