20 February 2009

The Sentence Redux

Alack, again it is Friday, and I am not posting a movie for you to watch. Shall you ever forgive me?

I think, given today's discussion, you might.

Some time ago, I wrote a post on the fabulously useful concept known as The Sentence. Go, read said post if you have not already. (If you are lazy and refuse to click on said link, here is a reminder: The Sentence consists of a protagonist with a compelling need, set against an antagonist with a compelling need, in an interesting place, doing interesting things, with a twist).

The Sentence, wielded correctly, is a mighty and powerful tool. If you do not believe me, read this article. Yes, it is for screenwriters, but last time I checked novelists write query letters too, and Sentences, aka loglines, make a powerful start to a query.

There. Now that you have read it and Been Convinced, let us proceed.

So. Sentence. Important, yes? So, it is important that we work on it, and hone it, and make it shiny. Thus, I have decided that we shall work on it together! Yes, that's right, we shall!

Next Friday, I shall once again deprive you of a movie, and we shall have a lovely destroy-each-other's-Sentences day. I shall offer up one of my own, and if you would also like to offer a sentence so that my sentence does not have to stand glum and lonely in the post, that would be Very Good. Please post your Sentences in the comments of this post, and next Friday, I'll work through them all in the post, and See What Can Be Done.



Merc said...

If I can scrape my brain together and try making The Sentence for one of my novels or shorts, I'll play with you. ;)

Davin Malasarn said...

This sounds like a great exercise. I'll start working on my Sentence.

Inkblot said...

Yay! Sentences! :)

Don't forget to post here before Friday if you want them to appear in Friday's post.

If you prefer, you're welcome to post the sentences in this coming Friday's comments, and we can discuss in the thread :)

Anette J Kres said...

I did a post based on your post ;)

From my short story "Tonight I Hunt" :
Estranged from her people, Pearl, a predator by nature, adopts an abandoned prey whelp and holds onto the unnatural relationship, despite that it may starve them both to death.

Inkblot said...

Annette - I read your post, and liked it a lot. I've added your blog to my google reader :)

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