07 February 2009

Think Sideways Movie #3 - Writing is Weightless

Project Planning: Writing is Weightless - If You Dare To Let It Be

"Here lies a dream that you once spun
Over-planned and under-fun."

In this video Holly reminds us all - as I did last week - that writing is supposed to be fun - even the planning side of it.

So, what do you think? Have you ever over-planned a project (I have)? How much planning works for you?


Beth said...

Yes! I have over-planned Ring of Oaths. Alas, alack, it is no longer fun :( Thanks for posting that, Inky :)

Lady Glamis said...

Inky, that was a great clip. I love how these things can apply to just more than writing.

This is EXACTLY how I've written Monarch, and I think that's the reason it was so fun to write during NaNo. Sure, it was stressful, but it was never boring, and it never died...yet. :)

I wrote The Breakaway the first way. I always thought "I need to do more planning with my next novel" but after watching this video clip, I see that would just be stupid.

In Monarch, things happened completely out of the blue. It certainly shaped my story and gave it life when I didn't have things planned much at all.

Inkblot said...

No problem, Bethy! :)

Glam - yeah, sometimes it's tempting to plan everything out for security, but you've got to leave room for your subconscious to work too, to put in all those unexpected twists and surprises that just make the story work... :)

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