20 March 2009

Mmm... Love That Smell!

Sniff. Go on. Can you smell it?


It's the shiny, plastic/wood/paper smell of brand new stationery. I love it.

So, the reason I've been somewhat absent this week is because I started my prac teaching on Wednesday. At the moment I'm only observing, and it's only one day a week, but it's still a big thing to prepare for - and what with having to make up extra hours at work, and the first mountain of assessment being due last Tuesday, this week has been somewhat insane.

Forgive me, please :)

As part of my preparation for prac teaching, I went out and bought myself a whole bunch of new stationery. Good excuse, hey? :D Now, I don't know about you, but a lot of writers (myself most definitely included) have a 'thing' for stationery. I don't know what it is, really. It's not like I use it that often, and if I try to write things by hand for more than a few pages my wrists cramp and it's excessively uncomfortable.

But there's still just something about handling all that shiny new stationery goodness, running your fingers over the smooth plastic of the stapler, handling all the new pens and testing the colours of the markers... Much happiness indeed.

Maybe it's a lesson and a reminder that we really can find joy in the small things in life, even in the midst of a stressful week :)

So, what about you? Do you have a passion for stationery too? What's your favourite item?



Windsong said...

Heh. Yes! I love paper in all of its many forms. My favorite places to just go and wander with what is likely to be a very stupid expression on my face. There's just something about paper that's irresistable.

Good to know I'm not alone. 0:)

Lady Glamis said...

I could LIVE in an office story and look and play with stationery for weeks. It's very sad. You are not alone. :)

Inkblot said...

Hehe, glad to know I'm not alone :D I've loved being able to whip out my stationery at opportune moments in the last week! Hehe.

Think it's why I like scrapbooking, too... SO. MUCH. STATIONERY. to play with! :D

Windsong said...


I prefer to *watch* people scrapbook. I love looking at the stuff, but, yeah. Am not a scrapbooker. :D

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