15 April 2009

Testing, Testing, One, Two, Three...

So, today my brain is off in space somewhere. There are a couple of things to discuss today, but I can't promise you'll they'll be linked, or logical, or coherent :D

First up, I'm testing out this new fanciness of 'email to post'; I send an email to my special email address, and lo!, said email is posted for me on the blog as a post! *fingers crossed* that this actually functions :D I'm puzzled as to how I'll do things like add labels and whatnot, but I guess being able to email posts is still kinda handy for when I have limited net access...

Second, I read an interesting post on Chelle's blog today about publicising yourself through twitter. The whole list of ideas is interesting, and I suggest you check it out, but one thing stood out to me particularly: character accounts! I don't know about you, but character interviews, character role-playing, and just generally anything that has to do with chatting to characters is, for me, pretty exciting. I think it's a writer thing O:) So tell me: How many of you enjoy character chats, in some form or another? And how many of you would be interested to hear from my characters every now and then, either here or on Twitter?

Finally, dogs! My own poor puppy is currently ill, with terrible infections in both ears. It's very sad, and she's been very nervous lately because of it (which, being a Labrador, is virtually unheard of). It's a frustrating feeling, knowing that something's up with someone you love, but not being able to either do anything for them, or not being able to know what exactly is wrong, because they can't - or won't - articulate it. Friends assure me this will only get worse when I have children (hoorah), but it got me thinking: As writers, we pretty much need to know what's going on in our character's heads at all times. But what happens when we don't? My main 'villain' in Jesscapades is being especially recalcitrant right now, and it's frustrating the life out of me. Which characters have you most struggled writing, or do they all talk to you reasonably well?

Okay, that wasn't quite the point I wanted to make when I started writing that paragraph, but it works, so hey :D Clearly my brain is more awake than I am ;) What I meant to say was Dogs! Write about them! Because they are fun! And if you don't know how, I can help you! How? Because the 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Dogs will be available for sale on May 4. I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty exciting :o)

So. Speak to me. Characters: want to hear from mine? Have trouble hearing from yours? Speak, speak! :D


Windsong said...

Is it okay if I type instead? O:)

I love the idea of character chats. It's something I decided to do with my blog. My characters are much more interesting than I am anyway. ;) I would love hearing other people's characters talk.

Once I figured out my method of writing, I can honestly say that the characters are pretty good at dictating what's going to happen and why. I still get stuck which signals to me that I've taken a wrong turn somewhere, but the characters are generally pretty clear about themselves. I think. ;) A lot of times I'm surprised by what happens, but it all works out. Sometimes it feels like I'm simply the scribe. *wishes the job came with a paycheck*

Krispy said...

I love character chats! My friends and I used to have a blog that was all character chats all the time. It was ridiculous! (I think it totally is a writer thing.)

There are some characters that come across better than others. I just know how to write them, what they sound like. There are others, though, that while defined, are hard to pin down in type as it were. Plus, I think they all caught on at some point that if they keep quiet and I can't get into their heads, they make me sort of powerless over them? -__-'

I love dogs, and I am actually writing one, except he's not a dog--not really. :)

Lady Glamis said...

I would LOVE to hear more about your characters! I'm not sure I should join Twitter. Tooooo busy. :D

Would you like me to do an advertisement on my blog for your Dog book? Because I'd love to. :D

Davin Malasarn said...

The idea of character chats is completely new to me. I first heard about it through Lady Glamis' blog when she interviewed a character. I think it's a brilliant concept.

Inkblot said...

Whoa, I didn't respond? Sorry about that, everyone! :)

Windsong - yes, please type :P I might not hear you if you spoke. That's so cool that your characters behave for you :) Some of mine do, but some of them are just plain stubborn. Male villains, in particular, dislike revealing their actions to me *eyebrow*

Krispy - Yay, character chats! SOO much fun :D Glad I'm not the only one who has obstreperous characters o.O And yay! A dog! That isn't a dog... I'm really intrigued, now!

Glam - I'd love that! Thank you very much. Busyness, yes... That's why I like Twitter, actually. Everything's short, sweet, and straight to the point. Much less distracting than things like Facebook.

Davin - In my archives somewhere from this year I have a chat with Jess, the MC from my current novel. They're a LOT of fun. You should give it a try, some day!

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