05 April 2009

Updatoriness and Contests

So, I haven't posted since Monday. Turns out the real reason isn't because I'm a) lazy, b) busy or c) brainless, though I've felt all that and more this week. Turns out it's because I've been busy getting sick all week o.O Less than fun. I spent all of yesterday afternoon snuggled up on the lounge, dosed up on drugs and sipping so much water I spent half the time running to the bathroom - and yes, it's just generally been Fun.

But. This is a writing blog, and you do not wish to hear me whinge! :D

I thought I'd do a March recap, since it's about that time 'n' all, even though there's sadly not much to recap from March. In March I:

* Wrote a total of 4223 words. Dismal, but eh.
* Of this, 1444 was on Jesscapades
* 282 was on a new introduction for my short, Murder
* and 2549 was on a new short story, Death and Foxes.
* I also edited some shorts and made 6 submissions, one of which resulted in an acceptance.

What can I draw from all of this, even though the stats themselves are pretty low?

Firstly, I've seen a real change (and I hope improvement) in my writing voice and style this month. I actually have a style, which is nice, and can identify some elements of my voice. Hoorah! :)

Secondly, I figured out what was blocking me on Jesscapades, and have restarted writing it. More on this tomorrow :)

Finally for today, two contests to win FREE BOOKS! :D Head over to the Bookshelf Muse for a chance to win a copy of Janet MacLeod's Waiting to Score, and to Writer Musings for a chance to win either Debbie Reed Fischer's Braless in Wonderland or Jennifer Bradbury's Shift.

Go! Enter! :)


Lady Glamis said...

I think I entered Tabitha's. Cool!

Good job on progress. Get well soon, please. *huggles*

Windsong said...

*hugs and germ fighting ninjas*

Yay for finding your voice and for figuring out what was blocking you in Jesscapades.

Is it a sign you should go to bed even if it's early, because I could have sworn you wrote that you were dressed up on drugs. >.<

Inkblot said...

*gratefully accepts germ-fighting ninjas*

*downs them with a big class of multi-vitamin juice*

Ahhh. There, let them do their work on the INside, where I need it most! %-)

Glam, hoorah for entering :)

Dany, dressed up on drugs - teehee. I likes.

Thanks for the encouragement, girlios! :D

Yunaleska said...

Inky, Auzzie Germs and American Germs are colluding together. I too am sick - and yesterday was drowning myself in cold water for my throat. Needed the bathroom so much! Hopefully it flushed out some of the little tykes, but not all cos I'm definitely suffering from a cold.

Please send germ fighting ninjas my way!

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