08 May 2009

Oops, It's May!

So, it occurred to me last night, as I was lamenting my lack of brain power and thus inability to put up a post for Wednesday, even if a day late, that it’s MAY! And it has been for a whole week! And I haven’t done an April recap!

*proceeds to wiggle with glee at the prospect of a legitimate but non-thinky blog post*

I’d better explain the brain-fry, hadn’t I?

This week has been my first week on prac. You may or may not be aware, but this is the year I’m doing my Graduate Diploma of Education; I’m training to be a teacher. What I (mostly) fondly call my Dip Ed is a crash course in how to teach, the four year bachelor’s degree crammed into a single diplomary year. It’s hectic. It’s insane. And this week, I started my first block of prac teaching. It’s been an absolute blast, but it’s also been an emotional rollercoaster, and I get home each night thoroughly worn out. So I apologise for the lack of coherent blogging this week; next week will be better J

So. April. Oh-month-most-fair.

This year, in fact, it was a fair month. If you recall, back in March I wrote less than 4,300 words. Ack. In April, however, I managed the shiny sum of 16,765 words. Hoorah!

Here’s how things broke down:

  • · Total words: 16,765
  • · Words on Jesscapades: 13,662, for a total of 46,095. Squee! I broke the halfway mark and am only fractionally shy of 2/3rds J
  • · Added 1915 words to Death and Foxes, completing the short.
  • · Started Festival of Souls, a new short: 760 words.
  • · Edited Death and Foxes and The Dress
  • · Made 5 submissions

All in all, pretty shiny! I am most squiggle-ly happy with the month, and can only hope to somewhat emulate it now in May. All the submissions (and the few made since) mean that every short story I have in reputable shape is now out (oo, oo, I got my second acceptance on Wednesday!), and I managed such a happy word count after a month of slumpiness by employing a cunning bit of self-trickery: I only aimed for 13,000 words. That was 500 words per day, six days per week, and that, I decided, I could do. and because I could do it so easily, and because often 500 words wasn’t long enough to get through a bit of writing I was particularly keen on, I ended up with significantly more than the target. Hoorah!

This month, I plan to employ the same trick, but suspect that due to prac I’m more likely to end up around the 10k mark this month. As long as most of those are on the novel, that will be fine – I’m going away for five weeks over July, and I really really want the novel done by then, since the 5 weeks will be the perfect break between drafting and editing :o) Here’s hoping!


Liana Brooks said...

Yay Inky!!!

Davin Malasarn said...

I'm glad you made so much progress in April. And, good luck with the teacher training. It's something I've always considered, but I haven't made time for it yet. I'm too busy being a student to become a teacher.

Merc said...

Fabulous job, Inkster! :D Good luck with the writing and teaching this month. *waves flaming pompoms*

ElanaJ said...

Coolness! From one teacher to another, I can't wait for summer. But wait. Your summer is in like November, right? Ugh. Mine is in THREE WEEKS. I can't wait! Oh, and good job on the writing thing too. ;-)

Windsong said...

*stabs busy schedule*
*sets it on fire for good measure*

Good job on April recap! And good luck in May. Those kidlets are very lucky!

Inkblot said...

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone :) I'm slowly getting into the swing of things with teaching - my lessons are planned further and further ahead, and are taking less and less time to plan, which is wonderful :o) I'm actually writing again this week. Huzzah!

Elana - yeah, our summer holidays are the last two weeks of December and all of January.

Davin - ha, I so identify. But after six years at university, I'm now ready to get out... O:)

beth said...

So true!

With things like tense, POV, etc., I think it comes down to the narration--the writing--itself. There's certainly a difference in a well done first person present sentence vs. a poorly done third person past sentence. It's the level and quality of the tense and POV that matter--not the actual tense or POV.

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