19 June 2009

That Writing Workshop...

IMPORTANT NOTE: As this posts I'll be winging my way (or sitting while the plane wings its way?) toward Singapore, where I'll stop over on my way to London. For the next five weeks while I'm away, the blog will revert to a Monday-Friday posting schedule. I'll also try to post trip updates every now and then.

Right. Today.

Today I'm posting about a whole bunch of squee-ful gleefulness!! *bounce, bounce, bounce*


Well, you see, yesterday was the day I did the creative writing workshop at a local highschool (*waves to Karabar students*)! Boy, was I nervous going into this! I've never had an opportunity to talk about my writing like this before, and besides which they were paying me, so I rather felt obligated to make it worth listening to!! It wasn't really a matter of having enough to fill two hours - it was most definitely a matter of what to leave out :D



Can we all say, 'SSSSSQQQQQUUUUUUWWWWWEEEEEEEE'? Yes, long and shouty, just like that. Go on, I want to hear you from the aeroplane %-)

This was quite simply one of the best experiences of my life. It was SO. MUCH. FUN!

Yeah, I've taught classes before, and yeah, I've even taught creative writing classes before (in May, in fact, during my prac teaching) - but *bouncebouncebounce* this was so different, and so much more fun. All the kids that were there are part of the school's creative writing club, so they all actually wanted to be there, and they all wanted to write - and I think pretty much all of us there at least read fantasy, so, as I told them, this made me feel like much less of a freak :D hehe.

I described my journey through writing to them (kinda like in this post, only less seriousness and much more entertainment and generally making a fool of myself %-) I like making a fool of myself O:)), and we talked about training yourself to get ideas on command, rather than just when you feel like it. We talked about the very basics of three act structure (call to action, midpoint, climax) and about the different ways of approaching outlining and writing, and we finished up with a discussion on How To Get Published. *bounce* Much happy joyfulness, made especially joyous because they all actually enjoyed it. Yes, I am still shocked that people find listening to me talk about writing entertaining; we all know what the reaction of normal people to this is: you bore me, go away. :P

So. Much fun was had by, I believe, all, and they wish me to return perhaps in August. I'm also now plotting ways that I can rearrange the universe so I can do this for a living %-) It's way too much fun.

Now, to all the Karabarians (ha, more new words!) who might be reading this, remember - leave a comment below mentioning you're from Karabar and I'll enter you into a draw to win a yet-to-be-determined prize, probably a critique of your work or some such. Let me know if you have suggestions for the prize ;)

Also, useful-links-I-mentioned-in-the-talk-which-might-also-be-of-use-to-regular-readers-and-if-you-haven't-already-checked-them-out-you-should *gasps in air*

Nathan Bransford
Kristin Nelson
Jennifer Jackson
Rachelle Gardner

Authors, both published and not
Liana Brooks
Lisa Shearin
The Innocent Flower
Holly Lisle
Miss Snark's First Victim

Other Stuff
Preditors and Editors
Critique Circle
Query Tracker

And that's it for today! Wish me luck as I wander the world, and hopefully find some interesting tidbits to insert into my writing %-) There's one country in particular I'll be looking closely at, as it's the setting for Jesscapades - see if you can randomly guess which!

PS I've thrown an itinerary up here, in case anyone's interested.

Be good!!


Danyelle said...

Glad it was a smashing success!

Fly safe, Inkish-One!

*blushes* Thanks for including me in your list. :D

Anonymous said...

I'm Amy and I'm from Karabar.
Just wanted tto say I REALLY enjoyed your workshop. I want to be a writer and your workshop re-inspired me.

Thanks so much!! =D

Anonymous said...

Hey, Katie, another Karabarian, here and I'm glad you enjoyed your workshop as much as well all did.
Oh, and please, please, please come back to our school, in fact, come back and talk for a WHOLE day, we'd be there!

Mikaela said...

Hi Amy, another Karabarian (well, I'm actually from a country inside Karabar called 'Psychodia') here,

Thanks so much for the workshop, I'm very glad that you enjoyed it as much as we did, and don't worry, there was not even a hint of after-bitching by anyone...

Unlike some other writers we've had >.>

I really hope you're having a great time on your trip, and getting loads of inspirtion.

I would have been on here earlier, but both my computers decided this website was just way too difficult to open, apparently my laptop, however, is fine with it :p.

As for the competition prize, I like the idea of getting a crtique. something to do with out writing seems logical, I'll have to remind some people to get their butts over here and comment...

Anyway, wish me luck, I started a new writing project today. I even have some sort of a plan for it..! :O

Have fun and hope to see you again soon,
- Love Valmet.

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