31 July 2009

Automated Posts and the End of July

For some reason, when I was thinking about this post last night, I decided it was the end of May... o.O C'mon brain, you can do better than that!!

Soooo, I haven't posted this week. Heh. Funny story that. It's great, isn't it, how you can automate posts and set them to appear the whole time you're away? It's a shame that that doesn't just continue when you're back.... Oops O:)

But anyway, I am indeed back! Huzzah! :D Did you miss me? I missed you lot :P A HUGE thank you to everyone who commented while I was away; I still got the comments via email, and it was fantastic to know you were all still reading and keeping up even though you knew I wasn't here. *hugs* You're the best readership ever :) I'm tempted to enter everyone who commented into some sort of prize draw, but I've no idea what the prize would be. Unless anyone wants a copy of Terry Pratchett's Carpe Jugulum, that is?

Right. Moving on.

My brain is somewhat squishy right now, what with returning from a 5 week break to be massively behind at uni (which is actually promising to be interesting this semester, huzZAH) and an engagement party on Sunday (the wedding for which I'm head bridesmaid) and an 18th on Saturday evening and so on and so forth.

However, it's conveniently the end of the month :P So I can do a lovely, meaningful post without having to think too hard O:) Like I said, convenient.

If you really want more 'thinky' stuff from me, and/or you're vaguely interested in what I do at uni, head over to http://inkyponderances.blogspot.com, my new blog that I'm required to keep for uni. Fun stuff.

Anyway, July. Despite being away, I did acheive a reasonable amount, I think.

Total word count: 16, 271

Of which ~
Black Gates - 4630
Borderlands - 2410
Night in the Shards - 80
Travelogue - 8974

Not too shabby. Black Gates is an old, old novel - one might say my first, in fact. It's finally told me how to structure the darn thing, and thus is progressing. Rah. Borderlands is the shiny new on that I posted about last Friday, which I still don't know a lot about, but has me squeeing whenever it reveals new information. The most random piece of new info was that the MC has a pet leopard o.O

Night in the Shards is the (very temporarily titled) sequel to Jesscapades, and the Travelogue is, well, a travelogue of our trip! :D

No submissions or work on short stories, but I was overseas, so you know. We do what we can.

So, that was my July. I guess at some point I could do half-yearly stats too, since we're over halfway through! Does anyone else find that unbelieveable?

And tell me - how's your month/year been? Let's celebrate our successes together!


Merc said...

Ouch. The text shows up black on a dark gray background... o.O

Merc said...

*reads in the comment section instead*

*highly approves of pet leopards* B-)

Nice WC, and yay for vacations. :D Indeed, I'm glad to see you back, I has missed you! *hugs*

Anyway, so far July has been fabulous (40k written on a novel, two novellettes--one is a serial--edited, shorts submitted, my brain has not exploded yet).

And I've been editing all day and am going to fall over now. Welcome home/back/around, Inky. :D

Yunaleska said...

Glad you're settling back into things! Yay on writing progress.

July = good: end it with new pets (zebra finches!) and new shiny laptop (around 4 and a half hours until I collect it). Writing, due to laptop problems hasn't happened, but I have 14 days to finish editing Termion. Could be interesting.

Inkblot said...

Merc - looks like my background isn't compatible with older versions of Internet Explorer, if the work computer is anything to go by. What browser are you using?

Merc again - hehe yes, I did think of you when the leopard appeared :D And aw, I feel missed! :D Thank you! Nice work on the progress this month. *cookies* for you :)

Yuna - Yay for pets and laptops! The old one finally died, huh? And good luck with the Termion deadline!!

Yunaleska said...

It isn't dead...but its too hot to use too quickly. Long saga with sony customer care...plus realised it probably will die at some point. No longer moving out of parents house....so deposit money gone on shiny laptop :)

Termion deadline = I can do this :)

Merc said...

Huh, the background looks fine now... I wonder if my net was being slow and not loading the page properly. (I'm using the latest version of Firefox, ftr. ;))

Lady Glamis said...

I love the leopard! And the new WIP. I'm telling you, it's got promise. Good luck with Uni! I'm rooting for you every tortuous moment of your journey. *sniff*

Liana Brooks said...

*waves hi*

Yunaleska said...

Inky, lovely!

You've got an award on my blog :D

Inkblot said...

Yuna - sure you can! Go you! :D

Merc - Bizarre. Backgrounds tend to do things like that to me :S

Glam - Thank you. I appreciate the cheering :) And am so glad you like Borderlands! :D

Li - Hi! Welcome back home! :)

Yuna - Thank you, sweet one :)

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