17 August 2009

Smarter Than YOU Thought?

I forgot to mention in the earlier post: What about you? What lessons have you learned that you keep forgetting? Do you ever reread something you wrote and realise you're smarter than you thought?

Post your best lessons/advice/smarter than you thought moments in the comments :)


Liana Brooks said...

Lessons I forgot? Math!

And how to dodge getting tagged with blog awards... now it's your turn %-)

Yunaleska said...

Lessons I forget? That I can't look at my wips objectively. I seem them and think 'eugh'. People see them, think 'tweak this, this and this and it'll be good'.

Angela said...

I think every time I reread a first draft. I'm sure it's crap. It must be crap. And then I read and...only some of it is crap.

Me smerter than I thunked. :-)

Gay Degani said...

I can't remember any of those lessons I've forgotten. I always remember them after I've suffered through making the same mistake over again. Maybe that's a lesson. What?

I forget.

Inkblot said...

Li - Thanks for the award :) I'll respond next week :P And I was meaning writing lessons, you goose :P

Yuna - Yeah, I think forgetting that lesson's part and parcel of being a writer :S I certainly seem to suffer from it often enough!

Angela - I hate first drafts. Loathe them! Pah! But there's nothing so lovely as rereading an old work and finding a great line :D

Gay - Lol!! I think there's a lesson in there somewhere :D hehe.

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