24 September 2009

Go On, Ask! Plus News! :)

Funny story about this post: I posted it yesterday. No, really, I did. I just didn't realise that the date it was SET to post was tomorrow. o.O So here I was, sitting in my email, fretting that no one wanted to ask any questions - so I asked Dear Twin to toddle along and comment for me. And we discovered the truth: This post hadn't posted. :o! So anyway, here it is now O:) Sorry :D

Before the randomness that is today's post, I'm thrilled to announce that Interchange, a short mainstream story, had been published! Whee! *throws confetti* You can read Interchange online at TeenAge Magazine. The link's also in the sidebar :)

Now, onto the randomosity...

Random, mid-week post, since it seems to be a theme in the current blogosphere, and we all know I like to be current. *ahem*

Me: What would you like to know?

What you know of me is what you see through this blog. Lots of stuff makes it onto here - my personality just shines through, I'm sure O:) - but I'm sure I also take a lot of knowledge for granted.

So here's your Friday Random*: your opportunity to ask me any question you like. I'll compile the questions over the weekend, and answer them next week.

Off you go! Ask away! :)

*Yes, I shamelessly stole the phrase 'Friday Random' from Liana Brooks. She's my twin. She'll forgive me. O:) And yes. I know it's not Friday. You'll deal, I'm sure :P


Wulf said...

Oooh, questions... where to start? No wait, that wasn't one of them.

Which character can't you forgive yourself for killing?

Which novel can't you put on the "dusty" shelf?

Who is your favorite writer with the last name Wulf? All right, so that one might have been loaded. More seriously, who is your favorite author none of us have heard of?

Just one more. Namely, how do I find the Count? Once I do, do I find you again? Once I find you again, how do I escape?

Spartezda said...


What is your position re: dogs vs. cats?

(I know, the tough questions O:) )

What do you think of using 'their' and 'them' for neuter singular?

Pliny the Elder or Pliny the Younger?

Finally, which would you rather do, hang-glide, skydive, or bungee jump?

Krispy said...

Since Sparky asked you a hard one, I will too: pirates or ninjas?

What's your grammatical pet peeve?

Do you play any instruments?

Aaand what's your favorite fairy tale or myth?

Charmaine Clancy said...

What are your thoughts on self publishing and distribution and marketing of your own work?

What is your favorite non-writing website?

What is your favorite time period to write in?

PS would have asked earlier, but had a little veg out therapy over the weekend where I stayed offline.

Inkblot said...

Some fantastic questions which I can't wait to answer. Thanks, everyone! :)

Beth said...

Too late to leave some questions??

Too bad; I'm asking anyway %-)

Do you "believe in" writing books? If so, which is your fave?

What was your first story/poem/whatever about (that you can remember)?

What is the best advice you've ever received as a writer?

And most importantly:

Dark or milk chocolate?

Inkblot said...

Beth - Never too late! :)

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