09 October 2009

How To Think Sideways Closed

Just a quick post to let you know that the How To Think Sideways will be closing to new students from 12 midday tomorrow, EST. Holly is writing a new course, How To Revise Your Novel, and has decided that she can't deal with influxes of newbies at the same time as pulling 70 hour weeks to set up the new course ;)

So, if you've been thinking maybe of joining, I'm here to tell you that you have until tomorrow to decide.

After that, the Think Sideways course won't be open to new students until about March next year, possibly on a limited basis, and possibly only available once a year thereafter.

Get in now! Sign up to this fanTAStis course that completely revolutionised the way I approach my writing :)

And remember, if you sign up through any of the links on this site (the big shiny button on the left, for example O:)), I offer a 20% rebate - 20% of your monthly fee back, every month that you pay it, for no reason other than that I can :)

Another post answering more questions will appear sometime today (my today, that is) but probably not until this evening, because I'll be at a conference all day :)

Be good!

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