23 October 2009

Questions and Answers, The Third

A short Q&A today, courtesy of Krispy:

Since Sparky asked you a hard one, I will too: pirates or ninjas?

Wow, hard indeed! Pirates have this weird sort of romantic attraction thing going, for some reason. Everyone seems to love them. But I think, overall, ninja skills are just way more useful in the end >:) Plus they have the cool mysterious thing going.

That said, nothing trumps Jack Sparrow O:)

What's your grammatical pet peeve?

Comma splices! They drive me nuts. Don't know what a comma splice is? This is:

It was a lovely day, I took my sweater off.

You have two complete sentences there; they need to separated by something stronger than a comma. A full stop is most common, but a semi-colon can work (as in my previous sentence), as might a dash (depending on stylistic concerns) or even a conjuntion (but or and, as I used in this sentence). Basically, if you CAN read it as two separate and complete sentences, then it CAN'T have a comma! :)

Do you play any instruments?

Piano, mostly. I have passed my Grade 6 AMEB exam during highschool :) Haven't played much for a while, though - no time to pratice. In primary school (elementary) I learned recorder, and I can play a (very) little on the flute. Oh, I sing. Not that I've had lessons or anything. Does that count? O:)

Aaand what's your favorite fairy tale or myth?

Tough. Very tough. At the moment I seem to have a huge fascination with the original versions of The Little Mermaid - not sure why. Something about the colours I see in my mind when I imagine the story really draw me in.

I'm also partial to the story of Pegasus; I did an assignment on it in my last year of high school.

The Sleeping Beauty story intrigues me for all the possible things it could represent; and I adore Orson Scott Card's retelling of it in Enchantment.

What else? Hmm.

Oh yes: Beauty and the Beast, as much for the fact that Belle was the only brunette Disney princess when I was little as for its themes and concepts; and the Goose Girl, because something about it I find haunting.

Thanks, Krispy, for some great questions!

Click here to read Q&As First and Second, and look out for the fourth and fifth installments on Fridays :)


Krispy said...

Yay! Thanks for such long and awesome answers! I guess I asked more than one hard question since I would've had issues answering the last question myself.

Singing does count, as long as it's loudly and unabashedly. ;)

Yaya' s Changing World said...

I really enjoyed this post. Makes a person think. I watch lots of the old Disney movies. I've decided (since no one else seems to be coming up with it) that keeping company with animated characters helps wrinkles go away. 'Course, if that were true, my face would be as smooth as a baby's backside.
Well, wouldja' look at that? I suddenly can't tell my face from a baby's backside. :-) ~ Yaya


Yaya' s Changing World said...

Wanted to mention that anyone can get a link on Yaya's Changing World. Today's post explains it all; "Share And Share Alike". Hope to see you there. Be sure to leave your blog address so I can link to you.
~ Yaya


Inkblot said...

Krispy - Thanks for such awesome questions! :D And singing - always loud and unabashed ;)

Yaya - I love disney movies too :o)

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