09 November 2009

Why Write?

Ta da!

*looks around, beaming, arms outstretched*

*notes looks of confusion*

What, you don't like my magic trick? What magic trick? What do you mean, what magic trick? I just beamed myself all the way from October to here! I totally skipped the first week of November! I time travelled!

What do you mean, you didn't?

*eyebrow* No, of course there weren't any posts for you last week, I skipped it. Time travelling, remember? Yes?

...No? *sigh*

Well, in that case, I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you... Maybe with chocolate O:)


On to today's post!

Many months ago, before I had discovered the wonders of time travel, I wrote a post asking why we, as writers, indulge in the activity of writing that most people will agree is not entirely sane.

I mean, hello: We write things down because the voices in our heads tell us too.

If they were telling us to do anything but write, let's face it: we'd be in a mental institution.

Maybe we should retrain mentally ill people to write down what the voices say they should do, rather than to do it? Just a random idea there. And yes, a close relative died in a round about way of mental illness, so I'm allowed to say things like this :P


Writing. It's an insane pursuit, in an insane industry; and yet we do it. We do it because we love it; we love it because... why?

Why do you love writing?

If you haven't already, go read the post from February. I came to the conclusion then that of all the myriad reasons I write, the key ones are:

a) because it makes me happy;
b) because it provides entertainment both to me and others;
c) I can push boundaries, explore emotions; and because
d) I can explore foreign experiences and worlds.

But you know what I realised last week (in October that is, because I skipped the first week of November, remember)?

All of this can be summed up in one pretty little phrase. It's so simple, it's so real, and it strips away all pretenses of things like writing for fame or money or approval, all of which can become dangerous addictions that make the act of writing something that really is insane.


I don't write for any of those reasons, although sure, they'd be a nice bonus.

Why do I write?

I write because it makes me a better person.

If you're interested in reading the full essay I wrote on this, you can! Right here.

And tell me again - why do you write? Is this the same reason you used to write, or has it developed?


House 6 said...

Why do I write? Because I can, I suppose.

I can't remember a time where I wasn't telling stories of some form. Rewriting endings of books to keep favored characters alive, or kill ones that just really needed to die. I had very definite opinions on the subject by age 6. Probably sooner.

It's also a way to work out interesting problems. All the what if's in the world, really. You only get one life time to play with ideaologies or lifestyles. But you can borrow life from other people, and experience life, by reading and writing. You can write out the story of what would have happened if you'd made the other choice.

Or been born 500 years later.

Or were a two-headed green unicorn.

Whatever. It's a learning experience.

Beth said...

Hmm. I think writing keeps me sane and balanced, and insane and imbalanced, all at the same time.

It's part of who I am, and has been most of my short life. Losing it would be like losing and an old friend.

*hugs* Welcome to November :-P

Yunaleska said...

I write because of my Muse. Yes, that reason has changed over time. I can't resist this several inches high person who sits conveniently in front of me no matter what I'm doing. She's got such a personality - no one else gives me the same, evil glare if I think about slacking and spending extra time on gaming instead of working on my wip.

*hugs Muse*

Inkblot said...

L - Yeah, much as I like to try to pin things down, I think there's always going to be an element to the answer of 'Why write?' that's simple, 'Because.' But absolutely to exploring different realities and experiences :)

Beth - thanks (belatedly) for the welcome! :D And yes, writing keeps me sane too. Drives me /in/sane, at times, but mostly it keeps me sane :D

Yuna - reasons /do/ change, because we as people change :) Go your Muse for keeping you on track though :)

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