25 December 2009

Christmas Fun

Merry Christmas, everyone!! Yay!!

So, just in case anyone is totally at a loss for things to do today, here's a fun exercise: In the comments of Wednesday's post, Merc mentioned that books are always a good thing, and I agree, saying that I couldn't think of any circumstance that couldn't be improved by the addition of books.

Here are some examples:

Lying in the bath? Read a book.
Long car trip? Read a book.
Need to know how to assemble a tricky piece of furniture? Consult a book!
Attacked by velociraptors? FEED THEM THE BOOK!!!

...Your turn. Give me situations and how a book would improve them :D

And then turn of the computer and go eat some Christmas lunch ;) If you're out of lunch, let me know and I'll package up some leftover and send them via carrier bat.


1 comment:

Yunaleska said...

ROFL! That is funny - especially about the 'raptors.

Mmmm....book reading.

Internet being slow - read a book.

Having to sit through a long cut scene on a video game over and over because you can't defeat the boss - read a book.

I now continue reading a book if I'm sitting on the sofa, and need a tissue. Off I go, book in hand, reading as much as I can while navigating around cat and sofa to the kitchen. Who cares if the light gets dimmer - I'm not out there long!

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