08 December 2009

Shiny News!

Woo hoo! Head over to AlienSkin Magazine, everybody!


Because my short story, Shoe, is up there :) Woot!

Also, I have an article up at the Every Day Fiction blog today - go comment for me, and make me feel loved :D

Finally, the fantastic Tabitha is having a book give-away; you could win a pack of up to seven books, including ARCs*!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on the post. Whee! Books! ...Because we all know I need more books to read.

On which note, the final bit of newsiness for the day: I've revamped the sidebars a bit. In the righthand sidebar I now have a gadget to keep interested persons informed of what I'm currently reading, plus links to the Towering TBR Pile of Doom (aka, all the books I own but haven't read) and my Books I've Read list. Much fun and bounciness!

Given that the Towering TBR Pile of Doom was, as of last week when I recounted, somewhere around 230 books, I have much a lot of reading to do. And of course, being slightly insane, I've set myself a goal: I'm aiming to get the TBR Pile under 200 by January 27, when I start fulltime work. Am I crazy? Given I read 33 books in 2007, 33 books in 2008, and as of last week when I started the challenge had read 33 books in 2009 (talk about consistency!), probably. Am I still going to give it a go? Absolutely!

Current GTTBRPU200** count: 6 books down, 24 to go >:)

Now, don't forget: my story Shoe, my article at Every Day Fiction, and Tabitha's contest! :D

* ARC = Advanced Reading Copy; pre-print edition for reviewers, etc; highly coveted ;)
** GTTBRPU200 = Get The To-Be-Read Pile Under 200 :D


Spammy said...

Kudos on the story and the article, Inky! I'll read those!
Good luck with your reading goals as well. Read read read without stop :D

Beth said...

Yay, Inky! You go, Girlie! :-D

Yunaleska said...

You can do it!

ElanaJ said...

Congrats on the short! Off to read...

Amyloo said...

What a coinkydink! I got a story up at AlienSkin now too! It's "The Evil You Know"
Loved your story. Evil shoes - how original! Although, I can't imagine my "babies" ever betraying me. ;)

Krispy said...

Congrats! Read the short, and it sounds like a beautiful shoe. Of course, a shoe I'd adore would end up being made of EVIL INTENT. I don't even really like to dance!

Lady Glamis said...

Cute story! Or, kind of creepy, but in a good way. Good job! And congrats on the publication!

Inkblot said...

Spammy - the reading is working in the first half of the week when I'm not working. Second half, not so much :S

Beth - *grin* thanks.

Yuna - I hope so!!

Elana - thanks, hope you like it :)

Amy - Ha, awesome!! *high five* I'll definitely have to check yours out :D

Krispy - naturally >:) Bwa ha ha.

Glam - lol! Thanks so much :o) Loves!

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