18 December 2009

Why, Hello, Internet!

Oh, so this is what you look like! I'd quite forgotten.

World, let me introduce you to the wonderfulness that is Australian internet: we have Limits. As in, download limits. Monthly download limits. And, because most of you live in places that are lucky enough not to have to deal with limits, let me elaborate: every time you visit a web page, you're downloading things into the temporary memory of your computer so that the page (text, graphics) can be displayed. The more you browse, the more internet you use.

This month, we ran out. Oops. When we run out, our speed switches back to dial up, which those of us who used the net when it first existed will remember is rrrrreeeeeaaaaalllllllllyyyyy sssssllllllooooooowwwwwwwwww........ So, I could download things (and thus view webpages), but it wouldn't let me upload things (eg twitter, blog). Blah. Silly thing.

ANYway. I'm back now :) And in the spirit of December and all things reflective and goalish, I'm doing a Merc and changing my December goals O:)

I wanted to squee about this on Monday, but, for obvious reasons, couldn't:

I finished The Hunter Hunted!!!!!!!

Yay!!! HH, as it's more commonly known, is also known as 'the tiger one', or 'the tiger novelette'. You can read the blurb for it here. Much happy fun :) I finished on Monday at just over 21,000 words, and I've decided that it's a nice length to use for the revision course I'm currently taking - so that's what I'm doing.

Naturally, this will impact my original goal, which was to have HNOT finished by Christmas. Ha. Ha, ha-ha ha. So far this month I've written nearly 4k on it; I need another 25k-ish to finish. Ahem.

So, revised goals are thus:

* Finish at least the first three lessons of the revision course using HH (the first one is way long).
* Aim for total wordcount for the month of 20k (am at 10k presently).
* Of that, at least 6k on HNOT, to bring it up to 60k, which will leave ~20k to be finished in January :)

Sound like a plan? I think so. I hope so. The Muse is curled up in her little white bed, snoring her head off at the moment. And my characters have all decided that it's holidays for them, too; they're hanging out at the boat house drinking grape by-products and hanging christmas wreaths, and generally being totally slack bums.

What amuses me is that half of them think it's a northern hemisphere christmas, complete with snow and grey weather, and the other half are determined to have a good old Australian beach christmas. Consequently, the landscape keeps flickering back and forth like a really bad old film o.O Characters. They're bizarre.

Anyone else having to rethink their December plans due to Life/Busyness/Christmas/The End of The World(TM)?


Merc said...

I'm rethinking my goals yet again O:) (though haven't posted yet) due to, well, wanting to focus on a few things and get some projects out of the way for next year.

Yay for finishing HH! :D *throws more flaming confetti since you can never have enough*

Also, your revised goals sound good--will you be posting any updates on how HTRYN goes with HH? (Otherwise I may haunt you on chat. %-))

Beth said...

Dial up = swear word. Up until a few years ago, that is the only world I knew. Sad, but true.

I haven't been rethinking goals as much as procrastinating


Angela said...

Limits on the Internet? I think my head would explode!!

Grats on finishing HH! That's awesome!!

Inkblot said...

Merc - Ha, you and your goal rethinking. Mayhaps you ought to just give up setting goals and instead keep track of what happens? *blinks innocently* Oo, then you could like, gather data, and observe trends, and predict patterns, and base your goals off that! *grin* Also, thanks :) And yes, I suppose I shall post updates on how HTRYN goes w HH :) Good idea.

Beth - Dial up is evil, yes. Gack. *procrastinating cookies*

Ang - Thanks, and yes. Much head exploding ensues, trust me. o.0

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