22 January 2010

Friday Random

Today my brain has leaked out my ears, and I lack coherency for a blog post. I complained of this to Liana, and she gave me permission to borrow the series that she does over on her blog, the Friday Random. So, here's my randoms:

Random Stress of the Week
: My middle sister's wedding is Monday. Wednesday we found out the bridesmaid (BM) dresses don't fit. Today, we realised the date is wrong on ALL the stationery o.0

Random Joy of the Week
: Woohoo! We finally got the keys to our maybe-hopefully-it-should-be-one-day house!! Yes, it's a long a story as it sounds :D

Random Weather of the Week: It's been 35+ all week (that's 95F), and on Tuesday, it snowed. Not in town, granted. Two hours south, at the snowfields. Where it has also been 30+ all week. Bizarre o.0

Random Drive of the Week: To the snowfields 2 hrs away (once again devoid of snow, as they OUGHT TO BE in mid-summer), with Husband and Middle Sister and BM dress, down to visit Baby Sister, who is away on camp, to make sure that HER BM dress actually fit :D

Random Writing Progress of the Week: lots of words (see me be specific) on Sanctuary, which is good. Also, good feedback from alpha readers, which is even better! I'm at ch 7 nearly, and haven't lost the reader's interest yet. Of course, personally I think she's just in it until the clockwork fairies appear, but you know ;) :D (Isn't it convenient that they won't appear until at least halfway and maybe 3/4s of the way through? O:) *is evil*)

Random Awesome Creature of the Week: I forget the exact name of it, but it basically equates to parasite fungus. The spores errupt and affect any nearby insects (there are several variants of this fungus, and each is a specialist that attacks only a certain kind of insect). The spores then get into the critter's brain and act like a parasite, and take over the host's impulse-control. It makes them want to do crazy things, like climb high branches, dig their mandibles in, and wiggle like crazy.

When this happens in ants, the other ants immediately recognise the poor, crazy ant as infected. They pick it up and carry it far, far away, and then run like the blazes - because if they don't... dun dun dun!! The spore takes root, and grows, bursting out of the poor insecty's head, and essentially creating a sculpture of mold in the shape of an ant. Or moth, or whatever. And when it's fully settled - BOOM! It burst, and spores go flying again, and any insect unlucky enough to be close by gets infected, and whee, the cycle starts again.

There's got to be a story in that.

So tell me: What's your random? :D


Merc said...

Not Friday for me yet, bwhahaha!

And I don't mind waiting for the clockwork fairies. O:)

Random? Hrm.

Took the day off from "should be working on" writing projects and wrote "just for fun" project, watched TV, and generally chilled. Oh, and it rained. Which is lovely.

~Merc, too brain-mushed to be much more random ;)

Yunaleska said...

It's Friday for me now :)

My random: my fruit/veg boxes are delivered at 6.50am. I'm obviously in he morning round. Good thing I'm awake by then!

Barrie said...

You're currently reading The Handmaid's Tale? One of my favorite books. That's random!

Elana Johnson said...

I love your list of random. I don't really have anything this week. My life is made of boring.

Snazel said...

Oh my work, you cruel, cruel person. I had just managed to forget the parasite-which-causes-mold-statues. MY POOR DREAMS!

But good news about the writing! :D Clockwork faries? Sounds enticing!

Inkblot said...

Merc - Just for fun days are awesome! Go you :) And yay for your patience regarding fairies :D:D

Yuna - Wow, that's early o.0 I'd be asking them to leave them at the doorstep. I so don't do early mornings! :D

Barrie - I'm about a third of the way through and loving it!! Never read it before, and now I'm wondering WHY NOT?! It's fantastic!! *high fives fellow fan* :D

Elana - boring is at least less stressful :D

Snaz - er, sorry. I should have probably put a warning up for that one O:) *anti-bad-dream cookies* for you. And hopefully the story will be enticing. It's too early for me to be able to say o.0 Tricksie things, they is.

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