19 February 2010

Reading Challenge Update

So, the 25th of January has come and gone, and you might have noticed the lack of bookish posts lately. Or you might not have. But either way, there haven't been any for a while, and yes, sadly, this is testimony to my failure to reach my GTTBRPU200 goal.

That's 'Get The To Be Read Pile Under 200', for those of you who missed it.

If we discount the books that were added to my collection over the holidays (ten of them, almost exclusively books for school), then I only missed my goal by a tiny three books. That, I think, is award-worthy, even if it isn't quite what I was aiming for. I read 25 books between Dec 1 and Jan 25, and given my average for the previous two years is 33 for the entire YEAR, that is Pretty Jolly Good.

Sadly, however, it isn't Good Enough. I still have 214 books in the TBR pile of books I own. No, wait, a package arrived this week. So that's 219. Oops O:)

So. New goal. I thought that aiming for a book a week was kind of insane - but I ended up managing 49 books last year, and a book a week is only three more! Plus, even with the burdens of the new and sadly fulltime job, I have actually been managing a book a week so far, with extras. So. Happy times.

Thus, my new reading goal: 52 books in 2010. And yes, I'm totally counting all the books I read in January that counted towards the GTTBRPU200 >:) Bwa ha.

Bookish reviews will start reappearing.

And hopefully soon, so too shall puppies >:) 'Zah!*

In the meantime, forgive my lack of braininess; new job is... emotionally wracking. I'm barely managing writing at the moment, let alone blogging. If you have any suggestions for topics you like me to mangle - er, discuss O:) I'd be wholeheartedly appreciative :)

Otherwise, be good, or at least happy it's the weekend. Yay!

* My dog is pregnant. Puppies due Sunday. Whee!

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