23 March 2010

Announcing A Hiatus

Sorry, guys :(

Between the Frantic Time of Term (marking, yay), puppies, moving house, getting current house into a rentable state (tis my mother's house but we, of course, are helping) and really, REALLY crappy internet at home at the moment, blogging is just not happening.

Not when it takes over half an hour to load the 'new post' window.

So I'm taking a hiatus until things settle down. At this stage, I plan to be back April 19, which is just under four weeks from now. That gives me time to finish up this term, move, get new and hopefully much improved internet, get rid of the puppies (aww) and deal with the two play and week long kids camp that are happening in my first week of holidays.

In the meantime, I'm going to try to write a bunch of posts, so that I can have backups the next time something like this happens.

Sometimes, your brain just goes *splat*

Thanks for understanding. If you get really desperate to hear from me, I will still be using my twitter account (@inksie), and I also have a livejournal that I sporadically update on the day's writing progress. For some reason my internet doesn't have such trouble loading LJ o.O


Charmaine Clancy said...

Take time to breathe in there somewhere too! Sounds really hectic, hope all goes smoothly. Wish I was organised to back up posts too. See you back in blogland when you're ready! :-)

Wulf said...

Well at least you have the decency to let your readers know. I can think of _other_ authors who just disappear for months with no warning :)

If you should get an itching to post, remember that you can set up email posts for blogger, which means you can just drop an email into the blog and skip the whole page loading nightmare with your junky connection.

Inkblot said...

Charm - hectic is definitely the word. My head is spinning!!

Wulfie - I have email posts set up, I think. But then I can't put labels on the post, and the idea of having uncategoried posts makes me shudder O:)

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