19 May 2010


This song was played yesterday in chapel. I thought it worth sharing:

It takes courage to write. You get knocked down so many times, and you have to keep on going anyway. You face rejection - of your worth, of your ideas, and it can feel like the rejection is of yourself. But you have to keep on writing anyway.

Courage is writing even when you're afraid of the rejections; it's not how high you fly, but the song you sing.


Spammy said...

Awesome song! So true, too. So true.

Inkblot said...

Glad you liked it, Spammy-one :o)

...Also, I must note the awesomeness that is my word verification: amywasif :D

Spammy said...

(And now that song is stuck in my head :S)

Oh ha! That is an awesome verification word.

Inkblot said...


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