28 June 2010

Exciting Announcementy Stuff

Public Health and Safety Announcement: This post may contain incoherence.

Today is the day for grand announcements! Huzzah! First up, though, and most importantly, I survived the weekend! Huzzah! Those of you who don't follow me on Twitter might not have been aware that last week has been somewhat of a frenzy of final-week-of-school fun, and also making a wedding cake.

No, I've never made a wedding cake before. Thus, yes, it was mildly stressful!! But anyway, it all turned out in the end, and here is the fruit of my week of labouring:

It's not too shabby if you stand at least a few feet away ;) :D

Also, the blog has had a redesign. Click through to have a look :)

But anyway, the real announcements of the day. A few months ago a friend of mine was going through a really tough time. Given she lives halfway around the world from me, there was unfortunately little I could do but sit around and feel somewhat helpless. Being human sucks sometimes - you can feel other people's pain, and yet not be able to do a thing about it.

Somewhat around the same time, I read Penelope J. Stoke's The Amber Heart, and one of the scenes that particularly stuck with me was the MC, Amber, sculpting out her fears and frustrations in clay.

Thus was Sculpting, a flash fic, born. Sculpting, I am excited to announce, is available now at Golden Visions Magazine. I hope you'll go check it out, and read some of the other stories available in this month's issue also :o) Don't forget, you can vote for best in issue!

The final announcement for today is that my good friend Glam, better known as Michelle Davidson Argyle, has a novella being released in August!

I've seen some excerpts from this novella, and it's fantastic. I can't wait until it's released and I can buy my very own copy :o) If you're interested, go and check out the really spiffy book trailer that Glam put together for it. Much shininess indeed!

So, does anyone else have any exciting announcementy stuff to add?


Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Awesome announcements! And thanks for the shout out for Cinders. :)

Amy Laurens said...

No problem! :)

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