04 June 2010

May: It's Over!

Which is, in my opinion, cause for much celebration. May was a hard month, following on the heels of a hard month. We moved house, we moved my mother in law, I had to deal with my first batch of final grading/report writing fun, during which the computer make a vow to drive me as insane as possible by eating all my work at one point, two days before everything was due o.O Yeah, much fun. Also, I got sick :P

This is all very tragic, because autumn is usually my favourite season, and the weather has actually been quite pleasant this year. Or maybe it's just that I'm regaining circulation, living in a warm house and working in a warm office, so I'm not feeling it as much as I used to O:) :D

Either way, 'tis all behind me, and June is set to be much more pleasant - not least of which because school holidays are coming up ;)

For May Madness, however, there is not much to report: I managed a total of 4,624 words, less dismal that I initially expected, but still in the bottom six months of all time. Pretty much all of the writing was on Borderlands, my current wip. I'll pop a blurb up on the wip page soon, but suffice to say it's dark, it's adult, it's confronting, and it's fun as anything to write B-) Woo, underground cities and evil machines and elemental power! Ensnarement, torture, war and pillaging! Death! Destruction! And the obligatory (for me) shiny, shiny rainbow magic, waaaay on the other side of the desert.

Yes, I do loves my Borderlands B-)

The only other thing I worked on was yet another beginning for a Secret Breaker novel. The Secret Breaker series is my urban fantasy series about people with the psychic ability to detect secrets and lies - intentionally and not. It's a lot of fun - urban fantasy complete with kick-ass heroines, splashes of romance, and a bit of gothic-inspired fun in the shape of imposing mansions, hidden crazy ladies and the like. Sadly, I have about four beginnings for novels in this series lying around, and nothing else o.O Ah well. Not a priority at the moment; I'll finish Borderlands first.

Of course, what I really should be doing is tidying up Sanctuary :P But forcing myself to focus on editing is beyond my brain capacity right now; that's what I'm claiming, anyway O:)

But anyway, all of this has gotten me thinking about doing a post about my main series (about six, I think). Would anyone be interested in hearing about that? Or are the only people who might be interested the people who already know all about them? :D

And the ultimate question, of course: How was YOUR May? O:)


Charmaine Clancy said...

Would be much interested in the series!

May was good to me, but relief so no papers to grade or lessons to prepare. Of course, that doesn't mean I didn't find other excuses not to write (grooming dog for show was not one of them unfortunately).

Jenita said...

Wow, yes, May was pretty horrible... I'm very glad it's over as well. =] May your June be far more pleasant...

Merc said...

Hope June goes better for you, Inky One!

May was decently productive writing and reading wise, so that was good. (Now to be productive on things I SHOULD be working on *cough the Novel cough* in June. ;))

Inkblot said...

Charm - Okay, I'll consider doing some series posts :) Grooming dog - oh squee! Max has his first show next weekend! :o)

Jenita - Thank you!

Merc - Yay for productivity!! *writing and focus cookies* for you :)

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