16 August 2010

5 Ways Writing Is Good For You

So, I was thinking the other day about all the reasons why writing is simply awesome. And I realised something: writing is awesome because it's good for you! Isn't that great news? Here are 5 reasons I discovered why writing is good for you.

1) Writing is good for your brain. You get to perform weird mental contortions while you figure out how your character is going to get out of this dead-end alley way when she has nothing but the dress she's wearing, uncomfortably high-heeled sandals, a razor blade and two really Big monsters closing in on her. Sideways thinking, wheehee!

After all, you never know when you might be in a simliar situation O:)

2) Receiving critiques. Nothing builds a thick skin and resistance to criticism so well as having people point out all the many and varied ways in which your writing sucks. Why is this good for you? Case in point: I finished my first semester of teaching a senior highschool course (aka year 11 aka junior year aka the second last year of school) a couple of months ago, and asked for feedback from the students.

The feedback was brutal. Well, in places. Mostly it was good, or to do with things that weren't anything to do with me. But one person went so far as to say I shouldn't be allowed to teach senior courses o.O Did it hurt? Sure. But because I'm used to critiques from writing, I did what I'd had so much practice doing: looked for the validity underlying their irritation, figured out what I could fix for next time, and threw the paper in the bin.

3) Writing is good for your sanity. Because if you didn't write, you totally know that the voices would just keep talking. And then you might actually think you were insane. At least this way you get to name them all and people think you're clever O:)

4) Critiquing. Other's people's work, that is. Because not only does it help you learn to spot the same weaknesses in your own work, and not only does it do spiffy things like improve your vocabulary and grammar and storytelling skills, it also teaches you to think critically.

Did they really mean what they said, or did they mean what you think they meant? Does that true or false question that asks if the council has the right to enter your property to seize your dogs at any time mean 'at any time, randomly, at all', or 'at any time of the day or night or hour when they have a valid reason'? How many points will they deduct from your breeder's exam if instead of answering you point out this ambiguity?*

See? Critical thinking. It's good for you.

5) Writing is good for your sense of fun. Because hey - it just is :)

Anyone else have any reasons why writing is good for you?

* Answer: not so many you fail, but enough that you don't get 100% on the test :P


Clanskye said...

good post, Amy!

ClareB said...

I especially like point 3 :P

Amy Laurens said...

Thanks, Clansi :)

Clare - hehe, yeah. The best bit is, it's so true! O:) :D

Nayuleska said...

So true, especially number 3!

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