09 August 2010

Kill Them All And Start Again

...This, dear friends, is what I currently wish to do. I have less than three chapters to the end, and I've even written the final chapter. But I HATE THIS NOVEL!!

*throws a temper tantrum*


Ahem. So. Let us now proceed to do a calm and logical analysis of last week, aka the Week of Much Writing.

The Week of Much Writing. Ha. Yeah, well. It wasn't the Week of Much Writing so much as the Week of a Fairly-Decent-Amount of Writing. Since I posted on the 3rd, I've written 5,792 words on HNOT - which is actually not bad, but is also not as much as I intended. Like I said, I still have 2.5 chapters to go.

But seriously? Urgh. I have Teh Hatez big time. I'm sick of the MC being whiney and immature; I'm sick of the plot going in circles (which I think it isn't, actually; I've just stared at these chapters so many times they feel repetitive), and I'm sick of the whole thing. It's so tempting just to write:

And Bystar stole the Key and took it to Mercury, and Mercury ran to the Eye. She used her power to sense the Mystery Man and sic'ed Bystar on him. Deviran and Chiara tried to stop Mercury until they realised she was helping them. The Flare came, Mercury knocked herself out trying to channel it, but got the Mystery Man and destroyed the demons and saved the world. Yay.

And then cut to the final chapter, which I have actually written.

Please? Can I?


The main problem here is that I loathe writing the climax of any story. There's so much pressure to Get It Right; it's supposed to be the culmination of everything that's gone before, and it's usually an Action Scene, which I'm terrible at. Actions Scenes always come out mechanical and forced the first million times I write them :P So, I vote we have novels with no climax. Who's with me?

*crickets chirp*

*sigh* Right. Back to the keyboard, then. Only I'm currently at the keyboard, so it's more like stay-at-the-keyboard-and-not-get-distracted. Or something like that.

2.5 chapters. It's not really that hard, is it?


Nick Rolynd said...

I know the feeling. I'm on my way to the climax in Siphen and I'm like...what if I mess up?!

I just wanna finish the story! -cries-

Anonymous said...

No climaxes? Sounds about good for me! I just edited mine half a hundred times and then realized it needed a complete rewrite, so YEAH.

Belle said...

The final leg of writing can be so challenging! I sometimes leave the very end for the revisions stage, just so I can say, I finished the first draft - well, sort of finished.

Amy Laurens said...

Nick - *writing cookies* for you :) You can do it, rah rah rah!! *\o/* :D

Scott - Woot. We shall officially begin the Novels Without Climaxes club. Go us.

Belle - I am so UNBELIEVABLY tempted to do EXACTLY THAT. And yet, the conscious, she screams at me... :S One more chapter, one more chapter...

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...


I'm sorry you're at that hate point. I hate that point. It sucks big time. You'll get through it! Underneath all that hate is a lot of passion, and you know it. :)

Amy Laurens said...

*hugs* Thanks Glam. I only have one chapter to go, but I've been procrastinating from it for um... nearly a week? O:)

*sigh* But you're right, there /are/ great things in there. The plot is just one big MESS right now, that's all.


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