03 August 2010

The Week of Much Writing

So, it seems that the slump might actually finally be over. I've written consistently for the last two and a half weeks, and How Not To Take Over The World (affectionately abbreviated to HNOT) is nearly done! I'm so excited :o)

Unfortunately, I haven't been around on the net a lot lately - school has been back for two weeks now, and it's been a flurry of lesson planning, extra-curricular, and a whole bunch of out-of-school stuff as well. The good news is, things are settling down :) The better news is, this semester hasnt' been anywhere near as stressful as last semester - I'm actually getting the hang of this whole teaching thing ;) :D hehe.

But the funk is well and truly gone: I'm tremendously excited about writing at the moment. Where a month ago, everything I was working on was stuck, now things are flowing and the muse is hyperactive. Edits for Jesscapades begin on Sunday (Liana and I are working through a schedule together, in an effort to keep us both on track), Marked (previously The Hunter Hunted) is nearly finished being edited (although it will be put aside to make way for Jesscapades for the next couple of months), a new story, Secret Breaker, is firing on all cylinders in my head and involves much shiny, like werewolves and secret detection and lies and betrayal and forbidden blood magic and invisible tattoos and kidnaps and and and... O:) *shines*

Yes. I'm excited to think about starting Secret Breaker.

But the best news, at the moment, is that HNOT has only four-and-a-half chapters to go. If I work really hard this week, I can get it done before I start editing Jesscapades on Sunday, and THAT would be AMAZING.

Hence, this is The Week Of Much Writing. I have 4.5 chapters to write in what is essentially now 4.5 days, and each chapter is somewhere between 2 and 3k. I haven't written in those kind of quantities since I was working on Sanctuary in March, but I wrote 2300 yesterday, which is more than I've written in a day since Easter. So it might just be possible.

Here's to trying :D

Also, I take great comfort in the fact that Liana also has to finish her current novel before edits on Sunday, and even more pressingly since she's finishing the novel she intends to edit ;) So I am not alone in my Week of Much Writing. Misery loves company, after all O:) :D

Feel free to join in with the Week of Much Writing, if you like. I'll report my progress on twitter using the hashtag #muchwriting - I'll be looking out to see if anyone else is there too :o)


Liana Brooks said...

Misery may love Company, but Company is taking out a restraining order. Sometimes it's not love, it's just obsession.


Amy Laurens said...


And yet, either way, you and I shall meet each other in the trenches of editing warefare on Sunday, or else shall come the doom of all mankind.

Misery or otherwise, you're keeping me company :P

Nayuleska said...

I'm joining in, only I'm editing not writing. 20 chapters to get through by the end of Saturday. It will happen...it will!

Amy Laurens said...

Go Yuna! I hope you get everything done :D I think you're insane for attempting so much! *editing cookies* for you. :)

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