02 September 2010

Also, Voting

So, I announced a little while ago that my flash fic Sculpting was now available in Golden Vision Magazine, and wondered if you might consider voting for it. Of course, as any of you who kindly clicked through will know, the voting box is broken. You CAN, however, send an email to let the editors know of you vote.

I realise this is an effort for you, so in order to make it as easy as humanly possible, I've included all the details here, including text for the email you can just copy and paste. If anyone would consider sending an email through to vote for Sculpting, I'd be tremendously grateful.

Thanks, everyone. You guys are awesome.

Email to: editorgvm[at]hotmail[dot]com (address is clickable)

Subject: Vote

Dear Editors,

I wish to vote for the short story 'Sculpting' by Amy Laurens in the current best of issue competition.

Many thanks,

[your name O:)]

Thanks again, everyone!! *cookies* for all :)

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