13 September 2010

My Life in Books

This meme is from PopCultureNerd, and it was brought to my attention by Bahnree :)

Using only book titles you've read this year, answer the prompts below.

In high school I was: The Winning Edge (George G. Alston)

People might be surprised: Around the World in 80 Days (Jules Verne)

I will never be: The Blue-Eyed Aborigine (Rosemary Hayes)

My fantasy job is: The Career Novelist (Donald Maas) >:)

At the end of a long day I need: Food Rules (Michael Pollan) *om nom nom* Feeeeed meeeee....

I hate it when: Only The Good Spy Young (Ally Carter) ?? :P

Wish I had: Howl's Moving Castle (Dianna Wynn Jones) Bwa ha ha.

My family reunions are: Linger (Maggie Stiefvater) Takes an hour to say goodbye ;) :D hehe

At a party you’d find me with: The Snow Pony (Alison Lester) Because animals don't require small talk.

I’ve never been to: The Whimsical Bakehouse (Hansen and Hansen) Though looking at the cakes they make, I'd really, really like to... :P :D

A happy day includes: Paranormalcy (Kiersten White) Because every day is better with magic. And werebeasts.

Motto I live by: Never Bite A Boy On The First Date (Tamara Summers) heh heh heh. Nuff said.

On my bucket list: New Secrets of Successful Show Dog Handling (Peter Green & Mario Migliorini) :D

In my next life, I want to be: Gone (Michael Grant) *snigger* If not, then Skulduggery Pleasant (Derek Landy) O:)


Bahnree said...

Lol! Good job-those are hilarious.

Amy Laurens said...

Bahnree - thanks for bringing it to my attention! :D Twas a fun meme. Might have to do it again next year, I think :o)

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