29 October 2010

In Which My Revelation is Revealed to Me, Yet Again

I've been wavering for about two weeks now on whether or not to do NaNo - and then today I work up and realised that whatthefreakingCRAP, November is Monday. MON-DAY, people!! I was going to be super organised this year and at the very least, even if I didn't do it myself, I was going to enquire about running the Young Writers Program at school, since I know a whole bunch of students that would be interested.

Alack, 'twas not to be. Next year.

But, back to me, and whether or not I'll be participating. My answer (at the moment) is a tentative yes. Tentative, because I have no idea what I'll work on. Tentative, because my word count for the last two months combined is less than 5500 words. Tentative, because exams and report writing and final assessments all occur in November. Tentative, because my main WIP at the moment has been dead in the water for the last several months.

Only, I just unstuck the WIP last night. I finally figured out/remembered/restarted the useless lump of grey I call a brain that when I get blocked this badly for this long, it's usually not a life thing; it's a story thing.

And oh look, hey presto, muse wakes up from snoring in her little corner and goes - well DUH. Here are the problems, and this is how to fix them.

And I go:



So. NaNo: a tentative yes. Whether or not I'll actually work on the WIP remains to be seen. Probably I'll do what I've always intended to do in other years, and just shoot for word count, without worrying what it's on. We can already see I'm intending to cheat - er, bend the rules, since WIP is in progress already. And there are a cycle of stories (one of which is Forget, currently in print over at Allegory) that have been bugging me a lot lately, and that I want to work some more on.

Just call me the Wafflenator.

Anyway. All you infinitely more sensible people - Nano: in or out?


Beth Overmyer said...

Hey, Inkster :)

*must not be tempted to try NaNo again* For my health and sanity's sake, Noooooooo!

Hmm. Maybe I should pressure you into taking up the challenge so I can live vicariously...

Anyway, whatever you do, good luck! I expect (even more) great things from you.


Amy Laurens said...

Lol! I'm happy for you to live vicariously through me if you really think my life exciting enough :o) hehe. *huggles* So long as you promise to cheer me on. (I know you will :))

Pippa Jay said...

I'm out this year. Too much WIP, subs and a university course all kicking off, so I wish you the best of luck with it!

Amy Laurens said...

Pippa - yeah, I hear you. I don't know how you guys in the northern hemi do it, when school is just starting. At least here (for me in previous years at least) university is out for the year at the end of October, with only exams in November (and if you did an English Lit major like me, very few of those!!).

This year will be interesting, since school is wrapping up for the year, and I have reports and exam marking, and so on, but still. Glad I'm not /starting/ the school year.

Angela Ackerman said...

Last year I did nano without enough prep and totaally blew it so I say if you didn't feel ready than skipping is the way to go. :)

Amy Laurens said...

Yeah, I've totally screwed up my share of stories doing that. I'm still learning to /remember/ this whole idea of letting things simmer, and not rushing in, and all that. So for nano this year, I'm just going to work on whatever comes to mind, mostly shorts, and just shoot for wordcount.

*fingers crossed*

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