25 January 2011

Wake Up

I started this year determined to turn over a new leaf; to remember what I'm capable of achieving, to go after my dreams, and to trust. So far, actually, it's been pretty good :o) As sort of a tie in to this, over on Holly Lisle's blog she talked recently about these 'intention coins' that her daughter is making - essentially just a coin-sized disc with a few words stamped on them, a focus or a talisman for your year.

Holly asked what words we would stamp on an intention coin for 2011. Originally, I thought I might go for something like ‘just write’ (pretty self explanatory) or even ‘good enough’ to remind myself that I am. Other people suggested things like persevere, embrace, accept change, get moving, and persist.

But thinking deeper on it, I decided finally that I would write ‘Wake Up’. Last year was a horrible year full of brain fog and some depression and a lot of self doubt, and I feel like the creative, vibrant part of me slept through a lot of it. And a camp I’ve just been at for the last week had an amazing speaker who used the catch cry ‘wake up’ as a reminder to open your eyes and see what’s really around you, to remember what’s really important in life, to keep your priorities straight and to live each day with gratitude and grace - and trust.

So, wake up it is. What would your catch cry for 2011 be?


Elena Solodow said...

I think it would be "Chin Up", to keep myself away from rejection-depression.

Liana Brooks said...

Do it.
Do it right.
Do it right now.

I'm a wonderful procrastinator. I slacked on getting breakfast this morning for over two hours. My feet were freezing, but would I go get socks? No, to much effort.

I just need to get up and move!

Krispy said...

I like yours, but I think mine needs to be just one word: NOW.

Mindfulness of the present is my focus for this year. :)

Mirja said...

I think mine would be 'Try Harder'. To remind myself that I can actually do things (*cough* essays/reports *cough*) better than I am usually willing to do. The plan being not to fail uni.

Amy Laurens said...

Elena - have some *anti-rejection cookies* They work pretty well, too ;) :D *hugs*

Li - Ha, you and me both, sistah. I'm terrible like your socks with eating - I'll sit there hungry for an hour before I get up and go find something to eat o.0 Oi. Must be a twin thing ;) O:) :D

Krispy - I like that. I had something similar in contention for mine, as well - and for me, 'wake up' kind of encapsulates the same meaning. Wake up, don't waste the moments that you have. *hugs*

Mirja - I'm sure you'll do just fine at uni! Not failing is good, but (dare I say it) life is all about balance, as well. You don't have to get straight As (or HDs) in order to be a good person. *HD cookies* for you anyway, though ;) :D hehe.

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