03 February 2011

Five Things You'd Never Guess

Totally schlepping off Liana's post from last week, here, but hey. Bear with me.

I had this awesome plan at one point that I'd send a welcome dm to each new follower on Twitter, so say hi and thanks for the follow. Ditto new followers on the blog. Only, right after I had implemented this idea, my net started having issues, and so did my laptop. I couldn't run TweetDeck; I couldn't even use the Twitter website after the first refresh. Urgh.

But anyway, I would very much like to say hi to you all, and thank you very much for following me in whatever guise you choose! Really, I'm not quite sure why people who don't know me follow me*, since I frequently make little sense, often spam Twitter with insanity, am totally sporadic in my appearances, and am rarely sensible (yes, that was worth mentioning twice) - but HEY! THANK YOU!! You guys rock. Knowing you're all out there reading (you are reading, right? This isn't just a conspiracy to make me feel all happy about having followers while never realising that they're all fake, is it?) makes the whole talking-to-the-internet thing so much less weird. Because we all know sharing personal details with total strangers who live halfway around the world is way less weird than talking to yourself, right? RIGHT?? O:) :D hehe.

* People who know me follow me because otherwise a) I'd hunt them down, and b) they'd never know anything about me otherwise. I am the world's biggest failure** at gossip, including and especially my own.

** Well, maybe the second worst. My husband is totally worse than me at passing on Important Familial News.

So! A point! I can has one! *waits for you to revive from the shock* Five things. Specifically, five things that hopefully none of you (unless you're directly related to me, because that a) is totally cheating and b) makes it challenging for me) know about me, or could guess.

... Gosh. I'm so glad I have two days to write this post, because this is harder than I thought.

1) I hate the idea of shooting at living things, it takes 8+ months to get a gun licence in most of Australia and you have to belong to and regularly attend a police-sanctioned gun club in order to qualify for one (ie, guns are really, really uncommon and I know like two people who own one) AND YET I have, in fact, fired an illegal weapon O:) At cans, not a live thing ;)
2) I rescue spiders from the house and the husband, who is a reflexive squasher.
3) My brain DOES NOT function before 8am, I hate mornings, I am a total night owl - and yet given the option, I do my best writing in the morning.
4) I once (reasonably) seriously considered applying to the airforce to be a fighter pilot. Why didn't I? Yeah, see number 1: shooting at live things. ;)
5) Although I live and breathe all variants of the fantasy genre in my writing, I never read a fantasy novel (other than the Narnia series) until I was fourteen. Thanks, Ashtah, for introducing me to Terry Pratchett (Moving Pictures, for the record). My life has never been the same :D

There you go! Five things. Your turn, please! Give us some random facts about your life :D


Mirja said...

1) I love Model UN debates.
2) I'm really scared of large crowds but am somehow able to speak in front of over 300 people about climate change (as an example). This is directly related to Model UN debates.
3) I never really tried my best at school because I was bored and also didn't really like my school (well, a little bit of an understatement there...)
4) I love heavy metal and hard rock music. Though, at a youth conference, one of my friends lead me around to every person she could find and asked them if they thought I was the type who would like metal music. Over 90% said no. I still think that had something to do with the fact that I happened to be wearing a butter yellow top on that day as have my hair plaited.
5) I used to really love writing poetry, but I haven't written any since year eight, and now I'm too scared to try again.

Amy Laurens said...

Thanks for sharing :o) :D I love how random the 5 things meme gets, and how people share things you really would never guess. I'm in the 90% who would totally not have picked you as the heavy metal type ;) :D Though pondering on it, maybe I could see you listening to some of the German stuff. Not sure why!

Also, you should totally go write a poem. Right now. About how scared you are to write a poem, if nothing else ;) :)

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