22 February 2011

Somewhat Distracted, With Stats

There is a small part of me that delights in the nonsensical that now wants to compile statistics for how distract I am/have been. Bwa ha, the amusement! However, despite the title of the post, quantifying my distraction is not today's aim. Today's aim, rather, is to concoct a post requiring as little *brain* as possible, because I've been distracted. With these:

I think that's a pretty cute excuse. Don't you? :o)

So, in order to have something actually sensible to say today (tonight; it's 1:30am and I'm up on puppy watch o.O :)), I'm totally stealing Liana's Brooks's post, and tweaking to fit. Thanks, Li B-)

Number of Unread Books in My House: *cringes* When Liana says 3, I kind of want to hate her. I OWN 176 unread books; I have a whole drawer more of books people have loaned me. ACK.

Number of Started but Unfinished Novels: Hmm, this one's a little more encouraging. Actual novels that have actual writing, as in are beyond the idea stage: 26. In addition to that, ideas that may someday get off the ground: 24. That makes 50. I like 50. No more new ideas, brain! O:) :D hehe.

Number of Finished Novels: Define 'finished'... I have 4 with complete drafts, not counted above.

Number of Words Cut this Week: About 1300. Not as bad as it feels o.O

Number of Scenes Cut this Week: 1. And its replacement is at least twice as long.

Number of Words Written this Week: Only this week? Hmm, I'm not keeping daily stats at the moment. I could figure it out if I really wanted to, but - oh, who am I kidding? I want to. *goes to figure it out* There, 4,152 since the 13th. Bwa ha.

Number of New Scenes Added to WIP this Week: Only the one to replace the cut scene. I've been going through polishing what I have, rather than working on fresh/new material.

This Weeks Favorite Discussion on FB or Twitter: Finding someone had quoted a sentence from my WIP and a whole bunch of people had 'like'd it :o) ...That may have been more than a week ago. Never mind. Let's Play Pretend B-)
Favorite Character of the Week: Finally, FINALLY have hit my stride with Jess from Jesscapades, after reading a great article by Janice Hardy. Hence, have been going back through the first 8 chapters and revising to get them more tightly into Jess's POV. Rah!

Number of Puppies Born: 8, on Saturday at the vet's. 5 girls, 3 boys, all healthy and wriggling and squiggling. Yay!!

Number of Hours of Sleep Lost: Several, though less for me than the dear-sweet-wonderful-husband, and also the fantabulous mother & her husband, who helped with the night shifts over the weekend :o)

And last, but DEFINITELY not least (trust me on that!!),

Number of Minutes Until I Can Go Back To Bed? Priceless. Ah ha, sorry, bad reference to the Mastercard tv ads. In seriousness, without jesting (something I never lower myself to O:)), twenty-three. Yay :D

Tell me tell me, what's your random statistic for the week?


Mysti said...

Awww, wook at the widdle puppies! Want to cuddle...but I have a newborn niece now too. Love new baby (and new puppy) smell. Enjoy!

Jean Davis said...

Puppies! What a cute distraction. :)

I'm glad someone has more unread books than me. My stack is rather huge too but thankfully not yet in the triple digits.

Amy Laurens said...

Mysti - congrats on the new niece! Very exciting indeed, and slightly more permanent than puppies! :D

Jean - My unread stack gives me nightmares. Honestly. o.O :D

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