27 March 2011

6SS: More Jesscapades

Today's entry continues on from last week. Have fun! :o)

“So, girl-without-a-name,” John said, catching her arm. “Will I see you again?”

“Maybe,” Jess said, quirking an eyebrow to hide the fact that a million fireworks had just been released in her stomach.

John sighed and released her so he could put one hand over his heart and the other against his brow. “Ah, so cool, and enigmatic; you wound me, fair lady.”

“You'll heal,” she said, fighting off a giggle.

Don't forget to check out the rest of the amazing authors who have posted this week, over at the official Six Sunday website! :)


Cara Bristol said...

Sounds like a hangover or concussion. Nice imagery and choice of words. Enjoyed your six.

Amy Laurens said...

Thanks, Cara :o) Concussion it is - with a bit of magic hang over ;)

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