18 July 2011

6SS: Sea Foam and Blood

Okay, I am way late getting this up this week, but better late than never, right? Right.

So, today's 6SS is from a short story of mine, Sea Foam and Blood. This was the first story I ever had published, and it won best in issue, which I was pretty excited about :o) It's a strange, sad little story about a terminally ill girl and the Pegasus myth (Pegasus was born of Medusa's blood spilled on the foam of the sea) come to life, and although it really is a sad story, it has an uplifting, bittersweet sort of ending. I'm really excited, too, that it's once more available, this time up on Smashwords. Huzzah!

Right. Onwards.

Image by ontzy

Sea Foam and Blood

Adelaide tried to sit up, but her mother’s insistent hands held her down. “Mum, honest, I’m fine.”
“How many fingers?”
“Two hundred.”
“Funny. Any blurriness of vision? Head pain? Dizziness? Blacking out?”
“No, no, no and no. I’m fine.”

Ah, but is she? That is the question, of course...


Marie Dees said...

"Two hundred" LOL

Liana Brooks said...

:o) cheeky girl. *hugs this story*

Amy Laurens said...

*grin* What can I say? She takes after me... O:)

Xakara said...

"Two hundred", nice!

Dawn's Early Light

1000th.monkey said...

Cute :)

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