02 October 2011

The Worst Timing In The World

It’s always when you’re ridiculously busy doing other stuff that the brain cylinders start firing. End of last term, winter holidays, and beginning of this term, I had time, but no motivation or inspiration. Cue Deathly Assessment Flurry #2, that last from about the beginning of September through to mid-November (as opposed to #1, which is April-May), and nearly every single freaking floodgate in my mind has opened, because I have no time to write.

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I’m not even kidding; nearly every SINGLE story I’ve EVER written and actually want to fix has been unblocked in the last four weeks, from Jesscapades, the editing nightmare that it is, to Sanctuary, with its excellent plot but iffy worldbuilding, and from Dragon Tuesday (short story) with its lack of solid plot and character arc, to the untitled noir story with its multitudinous red herrings and lack of actual solution.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Seriously, brain. This is Very Poor Planning, and I do not approve.

I mean, don’t get me wrong; I approve very highly of the solutions to all the muck. I just wish you’d hand them to me when I could actually, you know, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM.

On the other hand, it’s REALLY nice to be having ideas again (contrast my imagination drought from Easter 2010 to, well, recently), and I guess it’s proof that when you get really blocked, you just have to walk away and bore your brain into submission.

Brain says, Officially bored! Have ideas!

I say, Yay! And sigh. And Oh, My, Gosh. >.< :)

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