06 November 2011

We Has Progress!

In all areas, not just writing! Which is good, because writing progress has been, ahem, sparse lately. Is a lil difficult to write much when your schedule consists of being out at work or travelling from/to from 8am - 6pm, then 6-8pm nap, 8-930pm cook and eat dinner, 10pm bedtime.

BUT! PROGRESS! Largely, today, the progress has been baby-related. We spent 5 hours trawling through baby stores making decisions about cots and prams and strollers and monitors and chairs and bedding and and and and *explodes*. The decisions, oi. Intense.

Also, we have made progress on the baby room. See, I had this horrible moment a few months ago when I realised that being preg would actually kind of involve having a child, and that this would necessitate storage facilities and, well, a bedroom. Which is fine; our house has three plus a study. Except... Yeah. About that storage. I'm not sure if I'm embarrassed by this or not (:P), but I was, in actual fact, making full use of BOTH spare built-in-wardrobes, as well as 2/3rds of the walk-in in the master bedroom. Um, oops?

So in a fit of attempted-organisation, I pulled all my stuff out of 'spare' wardrobe number 2, and dumped it all on the floor of 'spare' room number 1, which is to be the baby room, in the hopes that I would be able to sort it out, condense it down, and fit it all BACK into the now-empty spare wardrobe #2.

That was about four months ago. Again, oops. But today - TODAY! - we has progress. The Most Wonderful Boyo spent four hours this evening with me closetted in the back room, sorting through stuff, and while there are still some boxes on the floor that need to be moved/chucked, the wardrobe is actually now empty but for Actual Baby Stuff.

So. I have done exactly zero writing this weekend, which given I'm notionally aiming for 30k for November so as to finish the dog book and the SFR short is not especially helpful, but at least Other Stuff was Done.

And sometimes, life just has to come first.


Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Oh my gosh! I remember doing this when Darcy was still inside me. We took THREE trips to the second-hand store to drop off our crap. We had to clear out that entire room. We had a LOT OF CRAP. Most of it we didn't keep. It was very liberating to get rid of all of it. I wasn't writing then, but I'm pretty sure there's no way I could write books while pregnant.

Amy Laurens said...

Yes, there comes a point in your life when the sheer freedom of THROWING STUFF OUT is an awesome feeling, doesn't there? :D

As for writing, meh. And it doesn't help that boyo has commandeered the laptop for the last couple of weeks!!

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