07 May 2012

L.A.O.S.: A Serial Novel-Thing

Guys, GUYS! I am SO EXCITED about this announcement! I'm so excited I don't even know what to say! But nonetheless, I should say something, because if I don't then you won't know what I'm squeeing about, and that would just be awkward. So I guess I will just get to the point, which is that starting Friday, Inkfever will be home to a brand new, hopefully shiny, serialised novel!

No doubt you are now gripped with pressing questions (which are talented, in that they can press while gripping) such as, "What is this marvel of which you speak?", "How often can we expect this delight?", and, "What on earth possessed you to do this mad thing, you mad, mad person?" I shall now endeavour to answer these questions satisfactorily, and hopefully in a manner that will excite your... excitement. Incite excitement? Blah. Something like that.

1) This marvel is L.A.O.S., which stands for the League of Absolutely Ordinary Superheroes. They are a group of teens who have no superpowers (bwa ha ha) and their motto is saving the world through science. Superheroes + science = #FUNWIN!

2) I'd love to feed you chunks of gorgeously tasty LAOS, dripping with delectable delight, twice a week. However, I think we all know that's not going to happen, given my history with blogging. So I'm going to be aiming for once a week, but as always, I reserve the right to be completely and utterly erratic in my posting. Ha. As if you didn't see that coming.

3) Um, yeah, about that. This is pretty much me forcing myself to have a 'just for fun' project the only way I possibly can - i.e. in public. Because if I try to write something 'just for fun' by myself, it INEVITABLY ends up a Real Project, For Serious, Like Proper, because my brain is secretly plotting against me and wants to spaz me out. It likes plotting. And if I start writing just for fun stories by myself, it gets carried away with the plotting, and before we know it the just for fun short story is the beginning of a ten-part series with 900 years of prehistory, fifty-three main characters and seventy-nine continents, and I'm stalled out because all of a sudden I Got Stuck. (I wonder why? *sigh*)

But see, if I am drafting in public, then I can't care about it too much, because if I do, I will totally and utterly freak out over the fact that YOU GUYS HELLO I WILL BE DRAFTING PUBLICALLY, and mistakes Will Be Made (and capital letters Abused). So the only solution is to do it, and not care, and then I will have fun.

If that sounds twisty and insane, that's because it is, and I am. Hai.

Bonus) LAOS will run in episodes and series. Five episodes per series, about 20k per episode. No idea how many series (until I get bored, and you do to?), but five would be fun, because then the whole thing would have Balance and Symmetry (and I swear, I have been away from the English teaching for too long, because that's like the third word I've had to double check the spelling on so far in this post o.0). See above, re ten-part series-es with 900 years of history. And yes, there will be a way for you all to participate if you want to, and I plan to release each episode as an ebook (edited, ha!) as they are completed.

So. HURRAH!, and see you Friday :o)

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