29 May 2012

Warning, warning! Crisis Incoming!

So, I'm having a crisis here. The next part of LAOS is nearly ready to go up - only, in a way, it's been ready to go up before I even started this venture. Because you see, the version you guys are reading is not the original version. I have about 5k worth of story that I wrote a year or so ago, and it's different, and I'm frustrated.

See, in the original version, instead of getting a Ping Pong ball in an improbably-placed cup, Chris puts his hand through a desk. Much more exciting, makes the point much more clearly, and is just... more fun. Only problem is, no matter how many impossible things these guys can do, even the LAOS can't actually put their hand through a desk. *sigh*

So I'm rewriting that section to the Ping Pong ball event - only, as I said, it's frustrating me. The original had a spark that this version is just... missing. *more sighs*

I'm stuck. On the one hand, I think you guys would like the original a lot more (I do). On the other hand... It's really truly not plausible, and I wanted LAOS to remain at least theoretically possible. And as one beta-reader pointed out, if they can phaze through solids by manipulating atomic structure, there is technically no limit to what they can do - and magic (scientifically explained or not) without limits is not great fiction.

What do I do???

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