01 June 2012

Last Call for Think Sideways Discount

I mentioned a little while ago that the 12-month version of Holly Lisle's Think Sideways course, and I said I'd let you know when the 6-month one was disappearing. Well, the notice appeared in my inbox, and the official last day for signing up to Think Sideways in its current form is JUNE 15. That's two weeks from now.

Now, the course WILL be available after that on Kindle, B&N and other common ebook platforms. So why buy the course NOW, BEFORE June 15?

If you sign up before June 15, you will get the following advantages:
* 20% rebate of each month's cost when you sign up through my link and forward your receipt to me;
* 50% off the student bookstore;
* lifetime membership to the forums, which contain general discussions, workgroups for Think Sideways and the short courses, and the Resource Providers forum where you can find editors, cover designers, etc (worth $5/month, $30 total);
* Three-week course 'How Not To Write A Series', about doing really good standalones (that you could expand to a series if you wanted to later);
* The Think Sideways Walkthrough - Holly is doing the course herself as she writes Cadence Drake: Warpaint, and throwing up all her notes, including pages and pages from her workbooks, videos where she demos and explains techniques in greater detail, etc - this is HUGE, almost as big as the actual course itself;
* Complete copies of some of Holly's early drafts of certain novels, plus the edited version - I think from memory you get about four complete novels in various stages of drafting.

NONE of these things will be available without extra cost after June 15, and most of them won't be available at all. And I can personally vouch for the usefulness of all these things, except the forums, which I didn't use much because I was already a member of two other writing forums. However, if you want to hear what other people think about the usefulness of the forums, see **blog post here (**DON'T BUY THROUGH THAT LINK!!).

The walkthrough especially is insane value-adding.

So yeah. I love the course, it fundamentally changed the way I plan, plot, write and revise, and it vicariously changed my writing group as well. I go back to the course to refresh my memory on techniques, ideas, process at least a couple of times each novel.

And after June 15, I won't be able to give you 20% of the cost back. If you were ever considering it, now's the time to buy. All of the links in this post will get you the 20%, EXCEPT THE ONE LINKING TO THE BLOG POST. If you buy through that link without coming back and clicking through from here, I WILL NOT be able to give you the rebate.

(And remember, it's 100% guaranteed - you pay for each month up front, but you can quit at ANY time and you'll be REFUNDED for any lessons you haven't yet received, and you can keep all the lessons you HAVE received. So the minimum risk you're investing here is just under $17 to jump in, poke around the forums, check out the bookstore, and read lesson 1)

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